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The microwave oven before radiate of 7 big commonly used home appliance ranks sm

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Say the radiate to electric home appliances

Say the radiate to electric home appliances
Hair dryer is in open and the radiate when shutting are the biggest, be far from the head as far as possible when switch so; When using, keep perpendicular with the head as far as possible; Avoid to be used for long even.

Additional, the radiate of indoor home appliance that according to environment of China of not long ago the center that monitor announces is ranked, in 7 big commonly used home appliance, microwave oven ranks the first, radiation exceeds national level nearly one times.

Mobile phone radiate when the biggest? Via Chinese consumer society and China metric test learns to entrust academy of Chinese metric science to check discovery jointly, inside a few seconds when the mobile phone gets in touch at first with the network when expiration, electromagnetism radiate is the biggest, after ringing of high and level tone, radiation is reduced gradually.

The test still makes clear as a result, the radiate of CDMA is less than antenna of the buy outside aerial hiding to be less than inside GSM; apparently, but inside the back electromagnetism radiate of buy antenna mobile phone is more than header board give several times; The mobile phone is in bide one's time condition also has electromagnetism radiate. The expert thinks, the mobile phone is put in pocket or hang on chatelaine, won't affect human body health.