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The 10 everybody that children must be far from use electric equipment

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As people living standard rise ceaselessly, various electric home appliances

To children, affect radiate of the biggest electromagnetism of nothing is more... than. According to expert introduction, electromagnetism field can disturb a cell commentate the rate that go out and draws calcium to pledge, bring about the generation of cancer cell, because this electromagnetism radiate is right the harm of children is the greatest, expose the chance that can increase children to get cancer in electromagnetism radiate for a long time to lead.

The recreational home appliance that is the and so on such as TV, acoustics, MP3 next is affecting the growth of teenager children badly also, watch TV for long, affect the growth of eyesight not only, the mentality that still can create children is dissocial, audition obstacle.

Face so numerous the electric home appliances

The 10 everybody that children must be far from use electric equipment

Furnace of microwave oven electromagnetism

Killer of ● home appliance- - microwave oven

Microwave oven is the commonly used electric home appliances

Do not let microwave oven of children bring into contact with as far as possible so, cannot let children stand around more when microwave oven runs especially, should not open microwave oven more, in case the leak of electromagnetic wave.

Killer of ● home appliance- - electromagnetism furnace

The electromagnetism furnace convenience because of it is quick fasten people place to accept, but when electromagnetism furnace works, what produce close magnetic field intensity is in the highest intensity of electromagnetism fireside predestined relationship is 160 fine long hair gauss, although intensity is not very big, but there still is certain harm for long-term to becoming children.

When furnace works, additional explicit electromagnetism can produce much heat energy, if let the word of children bring into contact with still have by the danger of scald, so the parent must be put to children to contact the place that be less than later in gone electromagnetism furnace.
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