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5 kinds of people most need radiation-proof

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Newest research confirms, there are 5 kinds of people to want to notice to be on guard especially in daily life electromagnetism radiant pollution: Show off extensive pledges an ancient term for silk fabrics of Lai of ⒈ of to fold of melon of shaming crash of Bian of ぷ of protruding of artful  Li uses up ⒌ to fine silk ā ⒌ Li still neptunium of ā ⒗ shape uses up  of Lu of ⑸ of ǚ of move of ⒌ stitch the sole to the upper to irrigate? of  graceful cough the 2nd it is to often use device of instrument of computer, TV electron, medical treatment.

Because above crowd surroundings is medium electromagnetism radiate pollution is taller, must adopt the following and relevant preventive measure.

Above all, do not put electric home appliances
Next, avoid to operate equipment of all sorts of electric home appliances
The 3rd safety that should notice human body keeps certain with all sorts of electric equipment is apart from. For example the distance of color television and person should be in 4 reach 5 meters, with solar tube the distance should be in 2 reach 3 meters, microwave oven should leave at least 1 meter after open far, pregnant woman and child should be far from microwave oven as far as possible.