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Computer radiate can cause 19 kinds of diseases

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Network times makes what people appreciated digital technology to bring to the top of one's bent magical, but a few healthy secret worry that also bring subsequently. Current, computer and network already caused the high attention of people to healthy influence.

Clavier is a “ Tophet ”

In routine process, a lot of people may not realize the keyboard that often uses causes a disease likely.

Above all, clavier is a “ Tophet ” , there is dirt, hair, fine hair on the human body, eyelash to wait a moment inside. According to statistic, this kind of bilge is average pile up with the speed of every months of 2 grams. Besides, clavier apparently still enclothing a large number of bacteria, if aspergillus of coccus of grape of yellow of streptococcic, gold, smoke is waited a moment.

Computer radiate nots allow to ignore to the harm of the body

England considers to confirm, the low frequency radiate that computer screen gives out and magnetic field, can bring about 7—19 to plant disease, include an eye backache of urticant, neck, brief lose memory, termagancy to reach depressed etc. Computer radiate causes reproductive function and embryonic growth easily still to the female unusual, according to be opposite system of many 200 bank of Wuhan city pursues computer handlers investigation, occurrence dysmenorrhoea of female of 35 % above, period is lengthened wait for a symptom, a few woman still produces premature delivery or abort. The research of World Health Organization points out, pregnant woman uses computer of 20 hours of above every week, its miscarriage occurence rate increases 80 % above, and bring about fetal deformation possibly still.

Among them the eye is urticant, dry and acerb when, the eye just is in the phase that functional sex injures, but if still protect an eye carelessly at this moment, make the eye continues to be in dry state for a long time, can cause the desquamation with epithelial cornea, make the loss of qualitative sex of become a useful person, make the symptom worsens further, affect vision badly.

Cervical muscle, parenchyma is long insecurity perhaps injures the ” of “ nape syndrome that cause, if cure is not seasonable, nape asks for meeting development integratedly to be cervical vertebra disease.

The dangerous sex that the female that is engaged in for a long time be being concerned with computer work works to contract lacteal cancer from personnel of course of study than be not computer commonly wants tower above 43 % . An investigation and study of Taiwan shows this, taiwan has computer about at present many 300, and those who be engaged in computer work is a female mostly. If work for a long time before computer, can increase the sicken chance of lacteal cancer; The probability that stops the female before classics to contract lacteal cancer than stopping the female after classics again is high. Professional female is damaged in reproductive health hind, main show is menstruation disorder, gravid hypertension is asked for integratedly, menopause shifts to an earlier date, fertility drops, natural abortion, new student low weight, congenital deformation is fetal even death.
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