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Mobile phone radiate reachs his to affect

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As the development of wireless communication technology, the person of use mobile phone is increasing, and the relevant and healthy issue that the mobile phone brings also caused people more attention. The radiate of the mobile phone has to human body after all how old harm, how to fall the degree of the harm to lowest, became the issue that mobile phone user cares most.

When people uses a mobile phone, hand opportunity to blast off base the station is deferent radio wave, and radio wave can be absorbed more or less by human body, these electric wave are mobile phone radiate. Generally speaking, the radiate when the mobile phone bides his time is lesser, the radiate when communicating is a few bigger, and when had been dialed in mobile phone number and having notting put through, radiation is the biggest, radiation quantity is when biding one's time 3 times the left and right sides. These radiate change human body organization likely, cause adverse effect to human body health.

The Zhao Yufeng that the mobile phone does not put pillow edge to occupy condition of core of room of association of Chinese interior decoration to monitor working commission teachs the introduction, mobile phone radiate is bigger to head harm of the person, it can create functional sex obstacle to central nervous system of the person, cause the symptom such as a painful, dazed, insomnia, much dream and lose one's hair, some people are facial still can have exciting feeling. Be in the United States and Japan, already many suspicion cause the case of brain tumor because of mobile phone radiate. Last year in July, the man that American Maryland city has cerebral cancer thinks use mobile phone makes he suffers from went up cancer, then adversary aircraft manufacturer mentioned lawsuit. Europe prevents the report of a research that cancerous magazine place publishs to also point out, the opportunity that uses the person of the mobile phone for a long time to have brain tumor compares unused person tower above 30 % . The odds that use mobile phone exceeds person of 10 years to have brain tumor compares the person tower above that does not use a mobile phone 80 % .

Accordingly, people had better take to further from the body distance to put through first when pick up the telephone, put to the side of ear to communicate again next. In addition, do not chat with the mobile phone as far as possible, when sleeping, also notice not to put the mobile phone in pillow edge. Not like a lot of girls before the mobile phone hangs a bosom to hang the mobile phone before the bosom, but consider to make clear, the mobile phone is hanged before the bosom, can produce certain effect to heart and internal system. Although bide his time lesserly in radiation,condition falls, the electromagnetic wave radiate all round the mobile phone also can cause harm to human body. The person of not complete, arrhythmia wants heart function especially before the attention cannot hang the mobile phone in the bosom. The expert thinks, electromagnetism radiate still can affect endocrine function, cause female period maladjusted. Additional, electromagnetic wave radiate still can affect normal cellular metabolization, cause the metallic ion such as the Potassium inside body, calcic, natrium disorder.
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