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The computer radiate influence to pregnant woman

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One. Computer and pregnant woman
Apply extensively in computer and begin to enter a family in great quantities today, the ionization that of young woman worry is computer generation shoot whether to lay one person to their be pregnant with worldly unripe influence, whether should they transfer the working station of personal computer after pregnant is reached before pregnant, because ray may cause cancer, produce genetic effect possibly also, have more sensitive biology effect to inchoate embryo especially, this is we admonish the reason that pregnant woman does not have X line is checked commonly.

All sorts of activities after because be pregnant,having some of woman decrease, beautiful very much time watchs TV or play computer game, with this killtime. This kind of way is right fetal and adverse. According to a report of the United States, a company has 12 pregnant woman to work before fluorescent screen, there are 7 stream of peoples to produce unexpectedly inside a year, 1 person is slink. Bureau of military service of department of defense has 15 pregnant woman to work before fluorescent screen, there also are 7 stream of peoples to produce inside a year, 3 people produce next oaf. Its endanger degree to all be in 60% above. Concerned expert is right the investigation of 700 pregnant woman that is close to fluorescent screen 20 hours every week, discover the pregnant woman of 20% produces natural miscarriage. pair of pregnant woman investigation that are close to fluorescent screen 40 hours every week, show natural miscarriage occurence rate is higher. American scientist considers to discover, the magnetic field that produces all round computer can cause pregnant woman abortion, fetal deformation and cancer. The ray with two side, hind computer is the strongest, pregnant woman should avoid to be in as far as possible this section activity.
2. Radiant harm
When computer is working, the X ray with invisible naked eye is given out ceaselessly inside machine, one part radiates outside, bring about pregnant woman abortion or premature delivery easily, to 1- - the fetal harm of 3 months is the greatest. Contain in the dust all round indication screen a large number of microbial with ” of “ dirt particle, pregnant woman watchs TV or computer for long, a bit biology and this dirt can adhere to the skin, make facial ministry appears the dermatosis such as macula.

Pregnant woman had better be used less watch TV computer, less, if must use computer when, want to notice to maintain a distance with indication screen. Generally speaking, the distance that the eye is apart from indication screen should maintain 60 centimeters distance had better. Additional, sedentary before computer meeting affects circulation of blood of pregnant woman lower limbs, oedema of aggravating lower limbs, bring about lower limbs varicosity. The nervous clue in computer game and alarmingly dangerous occasion, too big to fetal stimulation. Because play computer to sleep too late, the Morpheus of can cloggy pregnant woman and rest.
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