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Computer radiate is right fetal influence

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The electromagnetic wave that computer generates thinks not to have apparent loss to human body commonly. Right fetal, especially first inside 3 months fetal influential still do not have at present contrast observation. But fetal be in first the process that cerebrum fashions is inside 3 months, avoid to contact harmful element as far as possible in a plant of this paragraph of time. Did not see the experiment observes pregnancy operates computer so far nevertheless (electromagnetic wave) to fetal influence before look up sex watchs a report. Can do outdoors activity appropriately after contacting computer one hour 10- - 20 minutes, breathing fresh air, water more at ordinary times, eat fresh vegetable and fruit more, contact computer hind to water more, wash face and hand frequently. Can choose radiation-proof small vest to wait, should choose to produce a production normally.

Cause a new life be born the element has the Gao Wei of blemish: 1, pregnant woman age is in 35 years old of above; 2, pregnant is inchoate had sufferred virus infection, had contracted nettle rash virus especially; 3, inchoate part microelement lacks pregnant, especially iodine and folic acid lack; 4, inchoate contact crosses pregnant the harmful material such as X smooth ray or benzene, lead, mercury; 5, pregnant is inchoate did not use drug below doctor guidance. The pregnant woman that has afore-mentioned tall danger factors should accept B to exceed an examination as early as possible. If take specific aim step actively, new student be born ratio of defects can reduce % of 30 % —40.
For darling, you or attention are the following:

1, the health that pregnant woman smokes to affect oneself not only, and the development with immediate fetal impact. There are a variety of 20 toxicants to pledge in tobacco, among them the noxiousness of nicotine is the biggest, it can take fetal put oneself in another's position directly through placenta inside, make embryonic growth slow, cause deformation, abortion and congenital heart disease; Because fetal liver is alexipharmic ability is poor, aerosol also has to fetal liver damage; Fetal cerebra is poisonned character by the toxicant in smoke, can make intellective stunt, die even. According to statistic, smoke everyday the pregnant woman with 10 right help the Left, the risk that produces oaf increases 10% ; Smoking exceeds 30, criterion oaf occurence rate can increase to 90% , additional, pregnant woman smokes as a result of others and inhale smoke is opposite fetal also be harmful.

2, pregnant woman drinks to be able to cause cirrhosis of hepatitis of chronic alcoholism sex, liver not only in great quantities, still can cause filial intelligence low. Cell of alcohol opposite breed has undesirable effect, milt egg quality drops development is unbalanced, become pregnant right now, after the child is born, can cause“Alcoholism syndrome ” , appear: Weight obstacle of development of light, central nervous, can have small deformation, forehead protuberant, eye cracks small, bosseyed, bridge of the nose the queer face such as ear of wind of adduction of lip of day of day of short, nostril, able to read aloud fluently, fan, still have the deformation of heart and limb even. The woman place of excessive drinking gives birth to sex of infantile deformation danger, than drinking the woman is tall double, for the child's health, pregnant woman does not drink.
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