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Maternity brand "In October" orders will be held summer 2011

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December 7, 2010, Ningbo famous brand maternity "In October" Radisson Plaza Hotel in Ningbo Cixi order at 2011 Summer Meeting and new conference. Conference invited to CCTV Movie Channel as a rising star Yao Miao chair. In October Garments Co., Ltd. Ningbo, Ningbo "Feng effect" for the company's domestic market, focus on fashion maternity, infant and children clothing supplies the professional brand management company. "Feng effect" Established in 1988, is a design, development, production, marketing and foreign trade operations in one industry and trade enterprises, new products, color, exquisite workmanship; produce various kinds of knitted and woven casual wear apparel products, mainly exported to Europe, Japan, Korea and other countries. Maternity company's well-known brand "In October" 70 for the last 25-35 years, 80 have a higher quality of life after and fashion ideas, confident, intellectual, fashionable and independent. Fashion Mommy to 70% of the urban white-collar-based, with 30% of private owners, home housewives, freelancers, and other social female auxiliary. Pursuit of fashion products, respect for nature, emphasizing the sense of design and texture of the perfect interaction, designed to be born "love fruit" of pregnant mothers with the most comfortable "爱之初体验." Season products, continuation of the "In October" fashion, health, elegant, comfortable intimate style of the brand. Through the careful interpretation of the model obtained the honored guests alike.