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October Mummy: Maternity How to Make the first brand

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October Mummy: Maternity How to Make brand? Maternity mentioned in China, many consumers and dealers often think of Mommy October. Shanghai and other cities in every corner, you will find a maternity dress brand - brand ambassador October Mommy pretty small S the image of a sexy hot mom, has become a mother after 80 long for many of the models and idols. So how successful Mummy October it? Author, as the consultation process was carried out following conclusions: 1, continued digging in the small niche market October saw Mr. Zhao Pu mom when the family will feel full of scholarly temperament, top students who graduated from Nanjing University in 1991 after graduating from college, Zhao Pu into the work of Hangzhou, a Survey and Design Institute. Soon after the resignation of business, veterinary medicine, and teaching equipment to do foreign trade business, Amoy to life first bucket of gold. In 1997, a chance, a friend let him take a maternity orders shipped to Japan, will never be in this market appears to be very narrow class took root, the industrialization of China's Maternity, the brand's first person At the time this - global brand network - one market is almost non-existent, but the market demand is very large, think of open country about 18 million newborns each year of birth, at least 1,700 more than one million women to become mothers, the woman in this most important Life time, relations between the critical moment to the next generation grow up, is a huge gold mine to mine excavation. To this end, Zhao Pu believe their own judgments, in 1997, founded a franchise Maternity's "Mommy Garments Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Future." The first store opened, the facade is very small, not many things inside, but when it is operating in the Qingchun road, business was unexpectedly popular: the people waiting to try on the shop stand high, even outside the store waiting in a team! Pu Zhao 2003 the company headquarters moved to Shanghai, and in the end of 2004 formally established the pregnant Industry and Trade, in this small niche market of unremitting insistence on October Mommy also brought greater development, "October Mommy" in the country already has more than 150 outlets, has more than 200 stores, sales have easy access to a billion dollars. 2, concerns a young mother, pregnant women develop fashion tide loading The author's design center in October Mommy research found that more than 20 designers are mostly filled with fashionably dressed 20-year-old wave of pretty men and beautiful women, why are the designers of maternity fashion people? The reason is simple Mommy deep insight into the October, 70, 80, after a new generation of young mothers, most professional women, concerned about fashion and beauty, they just want to give birth to a healthy baby, but also want to make themselves look more beautiful and more attractive. Tired from pregnancy, pregnancy and fashion correct, based on the difference this October, the brand positioning and the Mummy are to create a stylish design for the main theme Mummy: Meanwhile, in order to protect the young mothers and fetuses from all electromagnetic radiation, October Mommy exclusive development of silver fiber, a comprehensive reflection of electromagnetic waves (10 ~ 3000MHZ) reflectivity of 99.99%, personal comfort, with a light, thin, breathable characteristics, can be long-term exposure and infant skin (up to the national specifications of textile products, basic safety standards for Class A), the product weighs only other anti-electromagnetic dress 1 / 4, 1 hour exposure to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria on the surface, and other antimicrobial products within 48 hours still can not achieve the same effect. Pregnant women can feel at ease to enjoy a healthy fashion, "pregnant life.". In 2006, the first anti-electromagnetic radiation products certified by the Shanghai Enterprise Standard, is the first maternity brands and only meet the national standards of quality and technical supervision of the brand. 3, focus on brand value, consumer's desire to raise If you've been to mom's store in October, it will be moved by the atmosphere full of fashion, the young mother who once entered, it will feel a trend here, as any brand clothing, I was in Shanghai 6 October Mommy research found that the female mummy was chosen consumers in October, from grooming and temperament are full of fashion, which is now the mainstream of maternity consumer group. As the largest demand that pregnant women are not beauty and emotion, but the safety and health, Zhao Pu gave up soft pink, shipped from Hangzhou timber mill thick wood, saw the sheet and brush into the green, on the wall, create a feeling of healthy living. Baked in light shortly after the wood under the crack, did not think it looked very unexpected sense of culture, was named the year's "Top Ten shops in Hangzhou." In order to improve brand value, October Mommy made the following two initiatives: 1, the preferred partner to improve brand competitiveness Maternity in the other companies have joined the shop, when the enclosure to expand the scope of sales, has announced that only signed in October Mummy 1 / 3 distributors, 2 / 3 relief signed six months, aims to not sign the dealer depending on their transformation Image of sale terminals, "performance" to decide whether to continue to sign new product sales. According to Zhao, Pu, due to the packaging industry, is not pregnant at the time developed, all of the maternity area are on the sale of baby products, maternity dealer in fact it is baby supplies distributor, over the years, the first payment after getting goods money has become a practice. However, for enterprises, this will inevitably cause a large number of product backlog, a lot of money trapped. Especially for pregnant and just started loading companies, many expectant mothers do not know where to buy maternity, when the baby was born only to see beautiful maternity dress, but it was too late, for pregnant equipment companies, in fact, that the marketing terminal little significance. 2, invited "hot mom" fashion endorsement small S Large-scale media delivery on the subway's "Hey! October Mummy drive to" fashion public service ads to attract the end consumer eyeballs, small S itself Fashionable personality, with a large number of fans, in the female consumer group very appealing On the one hand highlight the public, reminding passengers that all pregnant women seat, almost simultaneously, called "Hey! October Mommy to drive!" of book publishing, Zhao Pu imported from the United States each month baby in the mother's color micrographs, the content of both the content of the national welfare policy, but also comic and sign your baby. In a very short period of time, almost many mothers and pregnant women intended to have the October Mommy had a special affection, so some pregnant women to wear October Mommy, mommy fashion, proud to special treatment. Brand awareness and reputation have also been substantially improved. 13 years from October Mommy summary of the development process, we find: Even a small niche market, because China has a huge population base, but also a "mass" market, the courage to uphold, uphold good, so professional and differentiation, and to provide a higher niche value and experience, do still strong bigger. Chinese pregnancy baby industry from staking their claims to enter into the terminal control, category development, service, brand communication, business model innovation, a deeper level. Find their own advantages, combined with the hot market and the potential demand for consumer groups to provide more humane, personalized products and services, then you can become a second mom in October.