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Maternity heart pretty big man to sell fine

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Speaking of Chamber of Commerce Zheng Bin Hanzhengjie new clothing, no clothing Hanzhengjie do not know, in addition to his enthusiastic public welfare associations, is that he runs a unique clothing products - maternity dress. Yesterday, the reporter walked into his shop that he opened a new way of maternity: maternity fashion, maternity leading the new trend in Wuhan. Zheng Bin frankly: in Hanzhengjie clothes, if not unique, there is no way out. The late nineties of last century, Zheng Bin made a bold choice, clothing wholesale business, we are doing, homogeneous competition is very serious, but certainly the next decade is to take the professional development of the road, so he invested more than 30 million, exclusive maternity dress. December 2007, he and South Africa as one of the largest maternity, to declare his "Ma Lin House" Maternity brand to be successful. Maternity fashion is Zheng Bin stick in recent years, the brand. "Maternity is the best cotton fabrics, and feel good, not static, process to shrink over the course of water, especially underwear, women wearing assured buy back." Speaking of the characteristics of maternity, Zheng Bin familiar He said the Regional Maternity very strong, not the same all over the person's preferences, such as pregnant women, summer, Hangzhou, likes to wear bright colors, exaggerated style silk wear, but this product to Wuhan, but no one should, the reason is that Wuhan, pregnant women do not like too bright, they prefer deep color, restrained some of the clothing. Zheng Bin maternity store, the designer of his own design company. It is understood that the design philosophy is, first and foremost is a versatile and practical, followed by fashion, so that looks beautiful, wear practical, there are more than 300 varieties. Even Australia, the United States and South Africa and many other countries, businessmen, all have come here to buy and wholesale. He found that women generally do not visit a large supermarket, because the supermarket is too large flow of people. Then, to his store of pregnant women will get pregnant in the tracking service. Spring and Autumn and winter and summer maternity dress maternity dress size how calculated? What size of the abdomen after giving birth with the good? About these difficult problems, pregnant women, as long as the sub shop to Zheng Bin phone call, you can get related consulting services.