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Maternity industry market research and analysis in China

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First, the industry competition structure 1 Status: structural levels significantly, brand concentration lower Large and stable consumer groups, unprecedented spending power, market demand gave birth to a large number of maternity manufacturers. According to statistics, China is now nearly total production companies maternity home, and there are many from Hong Kong Taiwan brand. However, these enterprises generally weaker, the majority of workshop-based small businesses, these small shipments of small manufacturers, style single, target customers for the low-end consumers. However, after years of development, the Through natural selection and integration process, adding the growing strength of competitors, increasing the starting point, some ability to integrate with system resources, focus on brand management of the enterprises began to emerge. Currently under the sales, brand and other indicators, the domestic competition maternity brands roughly the following pattern: The first tier: Hui Bao, Qini, 010, OCTmami high-end shopping malls and department stores to go mainstream Second tier: life baby, Jun heart, pregnant beauty, Sally Lai Tung, mid-range combination of pregnant baby shop Third tier: Other small and scattered, brand-name low-end types of channels First echelon, positioning in the high-end, with a strong brand, sales are relatively large. The focus is now competitive products, mainly design, style and price and other aspects of product competition. Because of its relatively Support high-end brand power, occupied the country in the mainstream channels mall department stores, so relatively stable channels, department stores, the channel to block out a lot of brands. The second tier, mid-range brands accounted for the major markets, and the king baby life heart of MERCOSUR, pregnant beauty, and Sin Lai Ping market in the north have a certain status. The main channel for the brand ladder above the prefecture level The combination of pregnant baby shop. The main focus of competition is the competition for the channel. As most of the single-brand product category, product line is unreasonable, not enough to support a store, and enter the door has a certain department store Threshold, so most rely on combination of pregnant baby shop. The third echelon, mainly some scattered small brands, low prices, free channels to enter, mostly scattered in a number of second and third grade and below market portfolio pregnant baby stores, wholesale markets. From the current competitive structure can be seen that the current maternity market is still China's separatist warlords, brand concentration is low, but after years of development, strong brand gradually obvious. However, there are indications that, at present This structure is in front of very unstable: the existing domestic competition game between maternity brands and brand promotion, and has nearly the (described below) in front of a strong brand and capital of international involvement, both the Chinese pregnant women Installed a new round of industry consolidation, restructuring, "Rain Comes from Wind." Since most current brand (including the first steps of the brand) has not done the operation of the real brand, no real innovation and enhance the channel, so any business in the next few years if the use of machine Council, and brand operation, and the channel of innovation, brand promotion and other aspects of system development effort, the first brand can quickly enter the camp, especially the second step of the brand to have this opportunity fully. The first ladder Brand if you can not take advantage of existing operations to strengthen the brand and enhance the competitiveness of their own systems, but also may fall into the second step. 2, trend: international brands, and capital are opportunistic infiltration The entry of international brands and capital, more filled with all the instability in this small industry has brought many opportunities and risks, will also be a way to accelerate the process of industry restructuring and reorganization efforts. 1) International Brand opportunistic infiltration (current international brands to enter China, mainly in the following three ways): The first, looking for partners: the potential for stocks to find the cooperation of China, some foreign brands should be fast and most secure mode of entry. Strong brands and domestic brands of strong + strong international cooperation Will undoubtedly increase the existing competitive landscape in a more powerful force, thereby promoting the reorganization, and activate a number of potential brands. Second, the domestic agent: some international brands in this path. At present, this is not particularly strong brand. But by way of domestic agents, to enter China is undoubtedly the most direct road. If Branded side of branding and channel operations support, also will have a huge impact. Third, to OEM manufacturers of brand licensing: there are brands to choose this way. Its impact on the domestic market size and success factors, in addition to the original brand's brand power, but also depends on the authorized party brand, City Field operations and channel capacity. 2) capital into the brewing Capital involvement, will also camp in a short time to break the existing balance of power brands, thereby promoting the brand restructuring. 3, Edge: Breakthrough on sub category: In addition to comprehensive maternity within the industry, some of the edge of the current brand of maternity industry is worth attention, because they are present and all the maternity brands compete in the same channel. Here are two typical products Brand: First long-term focus on radiation protection, "Tian Xiang," the first to focus on "women underwear," the Rokko village. Through the first two brands operating on the sub-category, eaten as part of a comprehensive maternity brand market share Amount of time being made in the professional market leadership. However, the two brands in the current position on the sub-category are not yet solid, full of all kinds to be replaced at risk. (The following analysis we will do.), But whether such Ho, regardless of the brand accounted for the professional market, professional market break will affect the maternity industry is another factor in the reorganization. Second, the main problem facing 1, the industry is still in the stage of comparatively low levels of competition, no real brand competition As mentioned earlier, the three brands in the current step in high-end market is mainly product competition, the competition is to design, style, price, mid-market is mainly concentrated in the channels of competition, so far Yet there is no real sense of brand competition. This can be in terms of two aspects. First, from a business perspective, there is currently no systematic maternity brands operating companies, from consumer positioning, brand positioning, product Brand to brand the system to determine the core values of the brand communication to guide the product design, channel development and terminal management systems operations. On the other hand, from the consumer point of view, there is no consumption of any one brand can occupy Consumer's mind, consumers Maternity brand awareness is still relatively low. With the large number of "80" grow into "Mommy", maternity market ushered in the new consumer main force. By the growth environment, fashion sensitivity, elimination Awareness of the impact of factors such as fees, a new major force not only focus on product quality, and more attention to brand awareness and brand identity. At present, very few brands in the minds of consumers have such a brand. 2, the brand positioning is not clear As mentioned above, there is no real brand competition is an important reason is that companies operating less than the brand system. The key here is the brand positioning is not clear. In the following areas: First, the consumer orientation is not clear. Each step in positioning the brand consumers are generally similar, even between different grades of two or three steps, the consumer orientation is similar, the majority will be referred to service in about 25 to 35 years old Urban white-collar workers and so on. However, due to not go deeper level of consumer psychology, from the way of life, mental, social psychology, and other aspects of consumer attitudes to segment consumers, so the brand values, personality, Content and dissemination of design. Thus, while consumers located in different enterprises there will be described in different, but because there is no essential difference in the mind of consumers, it is difficult for brand positioning and brand planning guidance. Second, the brand core values empty. We have various enterprises under the brand concept can be seen: we can see from the above description, the concept of most brands have settled in the "beautiful, stylish" and other vague concepts , The core value than air, so hard to highlight the brand's personality, brand positioning will become identical. Brand positioning is not clear also in the second and third step of most brands mentioned "doing high-end" of the maternity brands But the brand of products, communication, channels and other specific aspects of the implementation of which is not reflected in the. Third, multi-brand planning unreasonable. Most manufacturers have carried out maternity multi-brand programs, yet most of the multi-brand planning is only in style, price and quality differences, or a brand Different location, but the channels are not clearly distinguished, multi-brand into the same channel, the structure of competition is killing each other, did not play very good results. 3, the lack of innovative marketing channels Currently in shopping malls, shops and a small amount of infants and pregnant mix of stores based. For most shopping centers, each will accept up to two or three maternity brands, which limited "quota" has been the first step of several products currently Brand occupied, little opportunity other brands; to store it, to support a store on the category, product lines, and high demand, that is to be completed from the "product" to "goods" in the planning, transformation, and Most maternity brand product lines and product categories as unreasonable planning, merchandise planning a lack of awareness is still relatively, it can not support a full store. This means that the main channel of the current set of maternity industry In the department stores and two stores pregnancy baby combination, the lack of innovative new channels. 4, the terminal management can not keep up, expansion faces potential crisis In order to seize the first brand, the focus of most brands of competition are placed on the expansion of channels, so the rapid spread terminal for a time, however, at present most of the brand management is still lagging behind the terminal, including the final Side of the packaging, the terminal display specification, terminal services, terminal communication, event marketing and sales management, and so the terminal is not in place yet, so can not and enterprise manufacturing operations, marketing, brand and operation of associated Tone. Most brands in the terminal to spread mainly depend on the circumstances, this situation is not conducive to the spread of the brand, on the other hand, there is no terminal management system, further expansion of the brand will become a stumbling block. 5, the lack of high-level human resources, organization and management can not keep up Characteristics of the maternity industry, enterprises are small, many family businesses, most of the corporate management is not standardized, lagged behind the development of the brand, to some extent can be said that this is a lot of brands of fast Rapid development of the root causes. This management mode is not suitable for the needs of rapid development of enterprises, is not conducive to attract capital and partners. 6, sub-category does not consolidate its professional status of the core strengths 1) Tian Xiang: the first to occupy the radiation field, but not firm. a well-known but no brand power. Sales by natural dissemination and long-term "radiation" spread the consumer has accumulated a certain impression. But did not have the brand awareness of system operation, so consumers only Tian Xiang do know that radiation, but what Tim Hong distinctive personality and brand content, consumers do not cognitive. So when all brands are on maternity line radiation, or greater efforts to Publicity, Tian Xiang's status is very dangerous. b professional status is not established. Although the long-term for "radiation" and spread radiation but not established a "professional image" and the other the image of professional and technical leadership; the second is the image of the advocates of new technologies Such as natural silver fibers to account for other brands; third is the image of social responsibility, such as radiation spread of knowledge. So many consumers online to ask questions "is good or the radiation Tim ** Hong good?" This makes Radiation in other brands also spread the concept of time, the professional status of Hong Tim easily be replaced. c not created for the special status of the marketing channel mode. Tian Xiang is currently mainly in the maternity of the traditional channels to compete, and in these channels, the Tian Xiang will face competition from all maternity brands Because almost all brands have radiation protection product line, many brands have also made the same certification and Tian Xiang. Once there is a strong brand to enter the status of Hong Tim is very dangerous. 2) Rokko Village: underwear pregnant women occupied the field, but did not stand Tian Xiang and similar issues. Rokko village is different technology, product expertise, but at the same as the Tian Xiang, and not in the professional field of special products with a suitable model of marketing channel. Currently Rokko Into the mainstream of the village main department stores, shopping centers in these villages will face Qini Rokko, 010, October Mummy category such as first-tier full-brand competition. This is the professional image of the village of Rokko entrenched disadvantage. Third, the future way 1, the brand re-combination. The multi-brand clear planning. This means that different brands targeting different consumers, different brand value, enter the competition in different channels, the combination of development effort. Meanwhile, some enterprises Could mean the re-integration of the existing multi-brand, to focus development effort. 2, of the consumer, occupied the minds of consumers. Regroup for the brand, the important thing is to study consumer - 80 new generation, based on consumer psychology to re-brand positioning and planning. Multi-channel , Many ways to strengthen the integration of communication to consumers, occupied the minds of consumers. 3, channel innovation. Maternity rely mainly out of the current market, infants and pregnant mix shop mode. Develop new and can be rapid expansion of low-cost access channel model. This will be quick off the Ying and the number of brands Out of the opportunity. Such as radiation, pregnant women, underwear and other specialized sub-category brands, to open channels other than traditional maternity channels, such as appliance stores, mobile stores, etc., to enhance their competitiveness. 4, establish the scale of the market to adapt to the requirements of product design - production - sales of systematic, market-oriented operation mechanism. Maternity either the current focus on corporate design, design and marketing, sales, out of touch, to What is on the sales, marketing and design out of line, which can be adapted on a small market, will not cause too much damage. But in the future industry leaders to seize the brand to meet the needs of the market size to be within the enterprise Establish the product - production - sales of systematic integration of market operation mechanism. 5, strengthen the channels and terminal management. It is necessary to strengthen the channels and terminal management, the establishment of a fast market, sales response mechanism, in time for the design, production feedback and guidance. 6, the introduction of a professional team of professional managers, standardized business management. Must first introduce high-quality personnel, standardize corporate governance, the establishment of market-oriented enterprise operating mechanism, or the introduction of outside the brain, the enterprise management standards . Promising, but the crisis lurking everywhere, and look forward to all maternity brands packaged recurrence!