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Analysis of Chinese Brand Maternity How come from behind

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Maternity blossom domestic market due to high proportion of professional women, who wear and go out of service demand. According to Family Planning Commission statistics, in recent years, China's annual births of about 1,600 million to 2,200 million, compared to surrounding areas of Asia, China's huge population base has become Asia's maternity market advantage. Status based on market demand and future development of China's "pregnant economy" will be allocated to maternity market share of 5.0 billion potential. Within Asia, China and Japan and South Korea maternity market, "PK", China is also the number of its many professional women occupying top spot the first one. Maternity Japan started the first in Asia, because the majority of women at home, low fertility, Japan's advantage lies in its maternity dress more in the impeccable suits or underwear, maternity clothes out the development is not strong. Similarly, South Korea, the majority of women at home, maternity clothes, or underwear is also within the main, due to the small population base, South Korea 40 million, maternity market is also weak. Maternity China Taiwan's early development, due to a population of only 2,300 people in Taiwan, the low birth rate, births per year is only the equivalent of a birth in Shanghai, and Taiwan's business district spread, maternity market has been gradually shrinking. Maternity brand of "October Mummy" earlier achieved the standards maternity and women's fashion has become the industry "leader" and lead to neighboring countries seeking hunter. Women in South Korea have brand and design style ideas into the Chinese market boom, under a number of brand agency in Korea, however, want to bring China's October introduction of Korean Mummy Maternity brand. Pu Zhao, chairman of October Mommy frankly, there are five South Korean brand agency is working with the bargaining agent on October Mommy issues. Birth culture: crowd out the pie mature brand in Europe and America Maternity huge market for many European and American Maternity brand "jealous", they take a strong capital and strong design team is ready to enter the Chinese market pie, the result is satisfactory. The key reason is the big thing in different birth culture, a pregnant Asian women by the family of great importance, as well as confinement and even double the full moon and various customs. In dress, the Eastern and Western styles of women's preferences for maternity is also a huge difference, thus highlighting the body of pregnant women in Europe and America curve for the United States, a flexible fabric-based synthetic fabrics, subtle Zeyi cover pregnant women in Asia for the United States, fabrics Zeyi natural materials of cotton, hemp-based. October 10, over the years based on what Mommy cultural differences, birth control, and years of accumulated business data and independent oriental women shape the development of the professional version of type, the present building in October Mommy naturalism is to promote the city to cotton, linen, silk and other skin-friendly materials to create a more refined style of clothing, which is Europe and America with fiber, Lycra and other fabrics to create curves are essentially different. To break the myth: Maternity in fact a very high price Office of the white-collar Zhang Li is 7 months pregnant mothers, Zhang Li's public relations management needs to keep her fashion career side, there are three Maternity breath last week, she bought three maternity dress. Her mother was not understand this behavior, she thinks they are not maternity that era also "make do" over it, and wearing maternity time is short, economic efficiency is not high. Zhang Li does not think can be, she gave the author calculations: one week for 7 to consider clothing that she would prepare their own quarterly average of seven clothing, season (by 90 days) on average each garment to wear them 13 times (days), and pregnant women across pregnancy generally at least three seasons of the quarterly purchase of three maternity calculation, each garment worn by an average of 30 times (days). Wearing the same cycle repeated intensity must register to buy maternity women than economic efficiency. Based on the above reasoning, each time wearing a maternity dress women wear the equivalent of normal time 2.5 times, that means more than wearing the concept of 2 and a half years, pregnant women, if coupled with six months to one year after production can not wear the normal body fashion, maternity wear to the body can continue to recover. Assuming wear 30 times, women wear the equivalent of 5 years general concept, so that on average, higher than the general maternity economic fact many women. Misunderstanding the concept: Where counters should Maternity In China, most maternity and baby products is divided sell the same floor, but that October Mummy Maternity would be more suitable in the lingerie section counters. Mommy said Pu Zhao, chairman of October, based on accumulated experience of 10 years of sales and consumer psychology, the analysis of consumer habits, the physical changes of pregnant women, the first change in the chest, so moms need is the first acquisition of underwear, especially in early pregnancy, pregnant women will not concern the basic baby products, so maternity underwear area in more reasonable. According to the survey, pregnant women after 6 months has been good due to psychological adjustment, this time from the emotional state of mind tend to rational consumption, consumption will be limited ability to maternity, the maternity area stationed in underwear, better early life-cycle consumption control and business opportunities. Maternity in the United States and Europe will be placed in the department store's women's regional sales, unit price is higher than the same level of women. In Japan, sales of maternity area in the underwear area. With the introduction of a large number of Korean women, if a woman wearing a women's waist high, people will think it is more of a women's style, and will not consider this a maternity dress. Maternity fabric, comfort is the stylish women can not match the new mother's body after childbirth has not been fully restored, can replace women's fashion maternity service life. Therefore, as the industry's progress and rapid development, maternity fashion has been designed to integrate with, women's clothing in China is also a substitute for plump, the future market potential is not a small snort.