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Newer fast accurate mother hires Mai Taigui on zealous net pregnant baby is tast

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Northeast net on March 26 report baby boom, pregnant baby product also follows when the river rises the boat goes up-particular things improve with the improvement of the general situation, a few accurate mom that had been pregnant also hit abacus, consider the dress dress time during be pregnant is short, infantile things is updated fast, accurate mom are fond of to hire pregnant baby to taste on the net, can change already different pattern, can save expenditure again.

The reporter sees on the website of a mom of Harbin city, here is special open up the forum of things of baby of an exchange pregnant, after the pregnant woman outfit that a lot of mom once crossed him takes a picture, stick on forum, article is very rich. A few accurate mom that conceiving pregnancy, also give out beg hire information, the paste of article detailed list that needs oneself comes out. The reporter sees, intermediate the pregnant woman of braces pants type holds real value is more than yuan 400, and the price that hires is 100 yuan, and the sale price of pram of a brand is close 1000 yuan, the price that hire is in 300 yuan of less than. An accurate mom tells a reporter, this year is a baby boom, value of pregnant baby product also rose than in former years, radiation-proof the price that take had achieved 600 yuan, after wanting to wear a few months, press one's store of valuables, feel very not be to one's profit, but do not wear be afraid that the influence arrives again the child, as it happens, she sees on the net haing city has such website to be able to be hired, spent 200 yuan to hire, lease is to arrive after childbirth, she feels such very be to one's profit, a few high-grade consumable of the baby, also plan to be hired on the net, can save many money so. "The style of pregnant woman outfit nowadays is very much, when be pregnant, rent the dress with a few novel styles, it is particularly good that oneself mood also is met. " an accurate mom says.

Darling already mom small clean of 4 years old tells a reporter, thousands of yuan are spent to buy a few dresses and articles for use when she is pregnant, the child is born, these things are laid aside need not, look at very new still goods to feel regrettablly, she thinks a thing paste is rental on the net, and car of the pram that the child has used, toddle 8 into new, she also is stuck on the net, already someone goes money to hire, she is not to make money, just feel this is a kind of very good communication means, can share with resource already, saved expenditure again.