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Breathe out city businessman earns money of sufficient pregnant woman

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Recently, the reporter discovers in investigation, cost is breathtaking during a lot of pregnant woman are pregnant, little consume 3000 yuan two, consume on 10 thousand yuan more, high spending makes general appearance. Be pregnant to satisfy not contemporaneous need, 34 pregnant woman should be bought to install during a lot of pregnant woman are pregnant, have radiation-proof tailor-made dress surely among them.

On November 26 morning, the reporter is in Huhhot city monopolistic area sees the mother baby articles for use of mansion of business of dimension much interest, full of beautiful things in eyes of all sorts of pregnant woman dress, design also the form is diversiform, the price is in basically 100 yuan of above. Salesman Li Qin tells a reporter, although the price of pregnant woman dress is not low, but sale status shows ascendant trend all the time. She says: "Now, a lot of pregnant woman are pregnant in the process, take seriously not only comfortable, very exquisite also beautiful, the pure cotton pregnant woman with general original design is taken very popular. Pregnant woman people should have been worn not only, and should wear beautiful. " the white lady that dressing in eider down of choose and buy says to the reporter: "I am pregnant 4 many months, since be pregnant now, I had bought 78 clotheses, altogether was spent 2000 multivariate. Because still going to work now, so have to I buy a good-looking pregnant woman to take, present couple is born a child commonly, it is worth while to spend a money. " the most female that is pregnant now, buying the be willing to part with or use on the dress to spend money not only, and invest in sanitarian respect even. Inside beautiful inn, the reporter notices, common cacti and Buddha Guang Gong were hit by the businessman radiation-proof label, immediately social status times add. Additional, CDMA mobile phone, air purifier, clean water implement, the first selection product that the product such as humidifier also makes accurate mom. The reporter sees in brand shop of things of baby of mother of a few in metropolis well-known trademarks, a few have in the light of the product that during be pregnant, uses conception Fu favors technically. At the same time the reporter notices, the tooth brush that a few pregnant woman use, towel is soft all the more, the cosmetic that pregnant woman uses also made the shop sign that does not have exciting simple natural, safe recipe, guarantee against contains the heavy metal such as mercuric, lead, arsenic, pregnant woman can be at ease use. As we have learned, the price of special product should compare all pregnant woman generally general congener product is a few more expensive. Pregnant Ms. Chen tells a reporter, since oneself after be pregnant, the cosmetic that always uses before concern contains pair of fetal and harmful chemical material, convert the product that the baby uses, arrive from fluid of shampoo, bath moist bright, prevent bask in oil, all changes, current cost already was achieved 300 multivariate. Additional, the reporter still discovers many brands rolled out pregnant woman appropriative to fill water, go blain, fight knit, product of tender white series, although the price is tall, but sales volume is good.
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