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Latent capacity is infinite " abdominous economy " Qian Jing is inviting

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Before before long, domestic pregnant woman holds the first brand " October mammy " the autograph makes an appointment with Taiwan small S of famous master of ceremonies, in pregnant woman outfit industry caused sensation. Pregnant woman outfit is in China is a rising small numerous market, foreign capital tycoon is about to intervene domestic pregnant woman holds an industry lead company, caused the high attention of expert and industry public figure.


   "AbdominousEconomy" " Qian Jing " inviting

U.N. ever released a report to say, industry of things of pregnant woman, baby child is the sunny industry of 21 centuries. Chinese inland pregnant woman holds an industry " Qian Jing " more inviting, sale already amounted to 1 billion yuan 2006. Enter since 2007, because a lot of people want to be born " golden pig darling " , " Olympic Games darling " wait for element influence, our country greets a new birth Xiaogao peak again.

Deputy secretary-general of Chinese clothing association Ms. Zhou Shaoning introduces to the reporter, what market of costume of our country pregnant woman grows is inchoate, basically be with a few area the brand is given priority to, it may be said " a large number of heroes sets up a separatist regime by force of arms " . Through old development, pregnant woman installed the market to also had taken natural selection and integrated course, affiliation competitor actual strength is stronger and stronger, starting point is higher and higher, a few have the ability of conformity of systematic natural resources, enterprise that pays attention to a brand to run to begin to show itself.


Brand competition times comes

The consumptive main body of market of pregnant woman costume also is born sadly change. Expert of vice-chairman of Chinese trade union, famous sale 10 thousand Ms. Wen Ying ladies to " the market signs up for " reporter analysis says: "Go up century the crowd that 80 time are born, namely people often says ' 80 hind ' the new force that becoming pregnant woman to hold the market stage by stage. " head of department of clothing of Beijing dress institute Professor Yuan Ze says: "A lot of ' 80 hind ' the crowd advocates ' on today's class, spend the money tomorrow ' . Their growing environment is more superior, more sensitive to vogue, not only the character that pays attention to a product, and what take a brand seriously more is famous spend and feel to the self-identity of the brand. And what take a brand seriously more is famous spend and feel to the self-identity of the brand..

  Radiation-proof experience standard is short of the awkwardness that break

However, experts are in value while pregnant woman outfit develops prospect, also the problem that ground of call a spade a spade pointed out to exist in the market.

A few experts point out, take in recent years very for the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman that gets attention, still lack uniform occupation standard and national level up to now.
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