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Pig child suffers bestow favor on radiation-proof pregnant woman to assemble pro

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"Pig child " suffer bestow favor on radiation-proof pregnant woman to install sell like hot cakes

Expert proposal: Follow suit not blindly consumption, should avoid the side effect that product of science and technology causes to human body

Our newspaper is integrated message gold pig year get on for, a lot of citizens are fond of be pregnant with " pig child " , in numerous and popular mother baby articles for use, outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman gets " accurate mom " people heat is held in both hands, become new issue.

In market of Guangzhou much home, radiation-proof pregnant woman holds the hot degree this year conspicuous, although radiation-proof pregnant woman installs price to be in 300 to 1000 yuan between, however the sale this year lasts however hot. Miss Li shows assistant of brand shop of pregnant woman outfit, as a result of the element of working environment and price respect, the group that buys outfit of this kind of pregnant woman with white-collar give priority to.

As we have learned, guangzhou is at present numerous of mechanism, enterprise " accurate mom " go to work when using the computer, wear surely radiation-proof take, vest, apron, abdomen solicits by no means an isolated case. Be pregnant the sister of higher primary school of two months says ability: "Present radiation source so much, do not prevent be no good, I am so one-time this year bought outfit of 3 radiation-proof pregnant woman, although hold out expensive, but for darling, worth while. " Miss Wu also expresses, to give oneself child many protection, spend many bits of money or worthiness, no matter have the effect, put on go very set one's mind at.

Current, pregnant woman is radiation-proof still do not have authoritative attestation, also do not have national level, after all radiation-proof take whether can you let allow mom to set one's mind at? According to reporter understanding, the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman on Guangzhou market is to pass Shanghai to detect of central appraisal.

Hospital of baby of Guangzhou city Fu concerns a doctor to express in the phone, the doctor is in in be being examined daily, can exhort only pregnant woman as far as possible the electronic product of and so on of little contact computer, television, freezer, pregnant woman of won't active proposal buys radiation-proof clothing. Hope these allow to parents do not follow suit and be consumed blindly, it is clear to should understand, avoid the side effect that product of science and technology causes to person body. (sina)