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Early message: Cheng Ze market is the closest a week cation filar prices drops o

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The closest a week (will come 26 days on October 20) , sale of whole of cation silk market continues to show weak, as a result of upriver CDP section (filament class) drop accelerate and downstream weaving purchasing power drops, the stocks of manufacturer of a few production continues to increase, cause cation silk price to drop.

At present about personage analysis cation silk is sold not the reason of free, think to basically depend on value of product of upriver raw material dropping continuously, like cation section CDP (short for Zhejiang Province changes chemical fibber of couplet, new student) this week (will come on October 19 on October 25) settle accounts price: 8600 yuan / T, with photograph of 9700 yuan of T is compared last week reduce 1100 yuan / T. Leave weekly price: 8300 yuan / T, with quote last week 9500 yuan / T photograph is compared reduce 1200 yuan / T. Suffer afore-mentioned reason effects, last week cation of Cheng Ze market the price of filar product and before Zhouxiang's bigger than appearing dropping, like fine day FDY75D/36F current price falls in 11500 yuan / ton, the price of 100D/36F falls in 11000 yuan / ton, 150D/96F, 200D/72F, price is in 10300 yuan respectively / ton, 10100 yuan / ton, the price of 300D/132F moves in 10000 yuan / ton. To hind city prices, market personage thinks generally, cation silk trades the volume rises hard, the price still has dropping possibility. Lay draft person: Shi Qiao is watched [A Qiao] 08/10/27