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Early message: Changshu (road of lake of urban musical instrument and Gu Li are

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Came to will wash from Changshu filar market learns on October 23 on October 17, 2008, this a week, price of upriver raw material drops continuously, cheng Ze will spin Buddhist templeput on the brakes of odd-numbered days of big plant factory price to drop all the time on October 17 1000 yuan / T, integral price shows all fronts to follow dropping situation, now goes out to drop under the market that drops in Buddhist templeput on the brakes.

Hand in movability condition to show from the market, market of DY75D glazed silk trades quantity slightly good at big glazed FDY75D, as we have learned, DY75D glazed silk makes cloth shrink in coloring rate is minor, quite welcome, and the price goes situation also have with drop, its are at present big value of center of glazed FDY75D market is in 10300 yuan / T left and right sides; DTY(bag is lubricious) kind filar 100D, 150D clinchs a deal the amount is not large; And do not wrap lubricious DTY silk to trade quantity microlitre, basically produce fabrics of downstream printing base, can fall to producing character ground to ask to be lowered slightly manufacturing cost, but the price goes situation all have drop, DTY(bag is at present lubricious) kind price of filar 100D, 150D is in 11500 yuan respectively / T, 10500 yuan / T; The 150D/96F on DTY market, 200D96F weighs silk to get surely downstream big circle is woven door welcome, advocate if fall in production silk of tube of the rest skin is little. FDY can ambulate constrainedly inside a week breed has 75D/36F, 150D/96F, basically be downstream sporadic demand is passable, but clinch a deal actually valence also has drop, at present the price is in 10400 yuan respectively / T, 9600 yuan / T left and right sides.

From at present cleanse silk market looks, get together valence clinchs a deal to still have outside fat section contract drop prices, product of silk of filature manufacturer cleanse stops reserve is huge, busy season of downstream cloth city not flourishing, foreign trade order is very little, sale of autumn winter fabrics needs to be inferior to in former years commonly inside, of warp knitting loom, great round opportunity switch on the mobile phone rate fall after a rise, the wait-and-see state of mind on cleanse silk market is heavier still, accordingly the purchasing power of near future market picks up hard, a few markets analyse a personage to think, short-term the cleanse silk prices inside still nots allow hopeful, the prices situation that cleanse silk price drops still will continue. Lay draft person: Shi Qiao is watched [A is artful]