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Pregnancy allows mom to wash the skill of hair

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Bathe to be able to make the body keeps clean not only, still can promote blood loop, eliminate exhaustion. Permit mother especially, the metabolism of the body increases, need to pay attention to clean sanitation more, ability has the pregnancy of a Gan Shuang, the mood also can follow happy rise. The darling that in pleasant atmosphere be pregnant with comes out will be more healthy. However, want to bathe a health to must notice scientific method!

Clean, massage skin notices when bathing

When bathing, should use will clean without the exciting, bath things that contains a day to keep wet part like that, if can sum modest massage action, the effect is better, can make systemic skin retains stretch. After be being washed, take the advantage of when skin is wet still, in systemic daub layer protect wet latex, can make systemic skin smooth and tender.

Should notice in addition, accumulate besides body bedding face outside cleaning, even special the cleanness that 別 notices to little place and ruffle are in, include: Auditive, hard of hearing, fingernail, toe, axillary, navel, vulva reachs anal mouth, because these are small,local spy 別 hides easily corrupt 納dirties, need adds an attention more clean. Among them blame with navel the easiest by person neglect, bit of baby oil or latex 來 can be touched to clear with pily club first when bathing usually so the bilge of navel, make after bilge bate again gentle and abluent; Cannot keep clear of clean normally, do not want at this moment too pass strive to do what is beyond one's power, lest because exert oneself to do sth. excessive and the skin all round harm navel, cause the haemorrhage that defeat a skin, cause infection easily instead, reach to pregnant mammy fetal cause serious harm.

The cleanness of the vulva is quite important also (especially the accurate mom) with overmuch gain weight, because allow mom to affect eczema particularly easily to cause pubic Sao to itch, doing very clean work is the talk that first-rate prevents. In addition, rapid move is fastened to put on briefs first after been wash, but the long gown with comfortable hood or skirt, briefs is put on again after waiting for pubic airing, effectively precautionary pudenda Sao is urticant!

   Pregnant mammy is washed hair have skill

A big abdomen, should how is shampoo hair more relaxed?

The hair has compared the accurate mom of bingle to wash, can sit in height to just can make knee curved go up into 90 degrees chair, the head is gone to pitch, clean slowly. If allow mom to wear long hair, so shampoo hair can be a drudgery! Because may bow,wash too long, not only the waist is acerbity, abdomen also is met uncomfortable, cause likely still consequently child 宮 is contractive. So, the accurate mom of long hair had better sit on the chair that has back, the person that ask the home does a good turn 沖 is washed. Felt to bother really, might as well cut a relaxed and frank bingle.
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