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Pregnant woman 3 surround jump over standard darling Yue Congming?

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Although abundant is lacteal fat buttock, concave and convex,have the basic level that sending is contemporary belle, but undeniable, the woman with plump to the figure people still has what " bosom does not have cerebral " greatly to say decline. Now, belles are OK feel proud and elated, because science considers to make clear, the figure is like sandglass (both sides is big, among small, abundant breast fat buttock) the female is cleverer, the children that they bear is cleverer also.

  3 surround difference big cleverer

This research is undertaken by the researcher of American Pittsburgh university and California university, study this week will be in " evolution and human behavior " publish on periodical. Researcher studied 16000 women, collected the data that their body measures and cognitive exam notch.

Result discovery, the woman with waistline and big difference of pectoral hip circumference, the woman with the branch is apparent prep above waistline in cognitive exam and not big difference of pectoral hip circumference. That is to say, "Sandglass " the figure is compared " bamboo pole " or " apple " the female acknowledge capability of the figure is high. Additionally their children also gains higher mark in exam.

The fertilizer of poor similarities and differences of waistline and pectoral hip circumference is thin did not concern, it is to show the woman's waistline is less than hip circumference, optimal scale should be in 0.6 to 0.7 between.

England pulls • Luo Sen to be able to prove the validity of this research fitly when Ni Jie of red kitchen beautiful compere, this has complete England the beauty of the most lithe and graceful curve, graduate from Oxford namely. Bud cuts Oscar award gainer Er • osmund at present is born likewise a pair of good figure, she obtained the English character degree of Cantabrigian university before famous Hollywood.

   Children is cleverer

Researcher thinks, the woman's plump hip and more of ham save up are adipose, omega-3 is contained inside not saturated fatty acid may be more, this kind of not saturated fatty acid is very important to conceiving development of the cerebra between pregnancy.

The waist is adipose have high Omega-6 fatty acid, but this kind of fatty acid does not suit cerebrum development. The waist is adipose bring about possibly still diabetic with heart disease. And angular woman lacks two kinds of afore-mentioned fatty acid.

The researcher of American Pittsburgh university and California university thinks, this also explained from another angle why the woman that the man likes the body to be full of a curve. This research likes to curvaceous female provided the physiology basis with multiply unborn health for the man.

If this considers to belong to solid, so the figure is round the Suofeiya of Italian female star that has a curve • Luo Lan not only appearance is beautiful, the possibility that she has high intelligence quotient is taller also. Movie star • makes an appointment with Sikalite writing dark waistline is small, the bust is big, hip circumference is big, brain it may not be a bad idea makes. And the Ni of Hollywood female star with angular and narrow figure but Jideman lacks • necessary fatty acid.
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