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Cause 10 harms that the uterus harms easily

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Uterus -- the pear form organ in feminine body, we go up in this world the first warm home. Without giving thought to present you are twenties, still be five years old; Also no matter you are a man, still be a woman, careful, have 10 kinds of harm the deepest to it!

  The 10th of 10 great harm: Mix mussily feculent sexual life

 Feculent sexual life can cause:

1, vaginitis 2, palace neck is phlogistic 3, palace neck debaucjed 4, tubal inflammation

Do not look down upon these infection, they but the element of important hair pathogeny of vulva cancer, vagina cancer, palace neck cancer and tubal cancer.

Additional, sexual life reachs a disorder prematurely, often period, produce period sexual intercourse all is the main factor that palace neck cancer comes on. So, clean, abstemious sexual love is the first job of care uterus. The both sides before sexual love cleans genital with water of going from place to place is to prevent the one condition with the most fundamental disease of department of gynaecology.

Anyhow, modern medicine proves, feculent sexual life had become those who cause tumor of department of gynaecology " prime criminal " .

  The 9th of 10 great harm: Sexual life is indulged before gravid initial stage and about to give birth

3 months should detain gravid head sex. Right now embryo adheres to at the uterus still very not firm, it is good hair period of abortion. Intense uterus is right now contractive when orgasm, have make gravid discontinuous danger. Special abortive history, gravid to having ever appeared the threatened abortion woman that a few vaginas bleed, or the age is older, beg child the person that the heart is cut is waited a moment, should prohibit making love.

Gravid and inchoate the bacterial infection that causes to sexual life also wants to notice. Conceive pregnancy secretion grow in quantity, the vulva not only easy canker, and abate also to bacterial resistance. By bacterial infection, the symptom has abortive risk like accentuation. Want to notice to maintain local cleanness at ordinary times so, it is at the same time before sexual behavior must special attention.

Gravid hind 3 months also should ban sex. The gender trades to exciting uterus contracts and be brought about

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