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How to give fetal a healthy uterus

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This year is " golden pig year " , flourishing year marry the force with which sth breaks out is billowy, concerned personage predicts second half of the year will welcome the baby boom with a not small oncoming force to next year our country this year.

The closest data that occupies courtyard of health care of Shanghai Fu baby shows, make an appointment this year the pregnant woman number that produces check already was achieved last year double of the corresponding period. However, the media on Shanghai reported operation of depart of baby of body of much exemple couplet one after another recently, this also caused the public to be born to the birth quality of fastigium and precaution the high attention of blemish.

Be born blemish is not infrequent

Expert appeal: Should be born from the check on fountainhead blemish, "Accurate mom " must give fetal of a health " uterine home " . The advent of the baby boom makes more Yo age youth begins attention to be born ratio of defects. Data makes clear: At present our country has 100 thousand nerve every year to be in charge of deformation and 30 thousand congenital I case of illness to be born about, common labial cleft palate (harelipped) the little patient also amounts to 50 thousand.

Basis the whole nation was born 2006 the result that blemish monitors is computative, our country has 100-120 every year 10 thousand babies discover when be born suffer from be born blemish, occupy the 4-6% that gives stranger opening entirely. That is to say, every 30 seconds have a drawback be born.

To drive China to be born further blemish and deformity prevent, reduce baby and infant mortality, chinese government decision will be on September 12 surely " Chinese precaution is born blemish day " , this year is the 2nd year. It is reported, according to the country the action plans: To 2010, our country new student be born the occurence rate of blemish will reduce 30% above, deformation of heavy general watch is born reduce 70% above.

   Build health " uterine home "

Blemish can prevent, the key is to be fetal build a health " " . College of medicine of Shanghai traffic university is accessary new China Wang Shixiong of paediatrics medicine institute teachs hospital, Shanghai to pointed out when accepting a reporter to interview yesterday, according to the statistic of World Health Organization, intellective and low person in 70% because,be maternal inanition, so " accurate mom " intrauterine nutrition condition, the body quality that did not come to the child and disease pathology state are very pivotal.

Professor Wang emphasizes, outside dividing daily nutrition, build health " uterine home " measure still should include: Produce with pregnant before marriage period seek advice to be monitored with health care, iodic nutrition fill with science before iodic, pregnant will come in March pregnant is inchoate and compensatory folic acid, avoid poisonous, harmful contact and environment to send abnormal, and pregnancy safety uses drug.
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