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The 5 catastrophe of white-collar pregnant woman are inscribed

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  Difficult problem 1 -- psychological drop is big

Work to oneself all along very good powerful white-collar woman, psychological worry generates in the unwell conference that faces a variety of jobs after be pregnant to go up, psychological fall greatens, make them right oneself job does not know how to locate afresh, it is the important element that the work completes in the unit no longer, it is a favourite by sb in power in leading a key point no longer, and became suddenly to treat the some of bagatelle affection, dispensable person that does some of relaxed work. The female powerful people that was used to fire of wind wind fire faces him abrupt " slacken " the psychological drop with meeting very big generation, feel oneself are discriminated against even.

Case: Miss Peng is the finance affairs of the company, it is the elite in the company all the time, before a few months, the company sent Miss Peng to go out to attend groom, groom the opportunity that there is to rise job after coming back, but groom after the end, miss Peng discovers he was pregnant, the chance that raises duty gave another fellow workers.

Dan Fang of vocational guidance division comments on: If female strong person feels get with the different treatment before be pregnant, this belongs to unfair treatment or should be being judged above all is discrimination, the thing always has two sides sex, think positive one side more, the other one side that reduces the job is the time that can have his and space, as female strong person, above all she is a woman, now still is an accurate mom, be pregnant it is inevitable that the normal work that makes her can have a few change.

  Difficult problem 2 -- how are prerogative and job balanced

Now and then rest loosen, lazy even the prerogative that is pregnant woman, the work in the same placing of office of hard work tired work take the past self-consciously, the relaxed work that leave is handed in again go doing by pregnant woman, in the pregnant woman in the home the key that is family person protects a boy or girl friend, went to a company, work in the same placing also are taken care of as far as possible, but the company is different from the home after all in, enjoy special if excessive, will cause the allergy of boss and colleague.

Case: Five the young lady's leader is eldest sister of a good-tempered, after hearing she is pregnant, gave her the privilege immediately, reduce workload to her. But once five because the young lady is lazy successive 3 days did not appear in the office, very inopportune is was known by the boss. Although do not have the salary of subtract five young lady because of pregnant special relationship, but evermore, the company had strict regulation technically also in the light of pregnant employee.

Dan Fang of vocational guidance division comments on: Should know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is restricted everything, while we get a privilege, where is the bottom line that should clear up us. We do not want to make a company inequitable to us, but we also should approach the job and company fairly conversely.
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