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Pregnancy allows mom why to can become ugly

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Some young women discover after be pregnant her appearance produced change, not only facial appeared black Brown stain or spot piece, and the place such as abdomen, breast, ham also appears in succession pigment is ad cool-headed with gravid grain. Why to meet such?

Gravid grain forms a reason:

Medicine considers to tell us:

Cause change of appearance of pregnant woman gestation " always direct " it is the hormone inside body. Be pregnant earlier, hormone basically arises by ovarian corpus luteum, when the demand of afterwards hormone is bigger and bigger, placenta takes on remove those who secrete hormone " leading role " , at the same time gland body, such as thyroid gland, pancreatic, adrenal workload also increases subsequently.

Estrogen, progestational hormone basically is in a lot of hormone, expedite child delivery the move since the activity of secretes pair of gravid processes a few great metabolization of the element, element that urge breast decides action, their effective ground adjusts the mother's body is in the metabolization process of gestation, the move since the uterine organization of exuberant to be in development phase promotes action, the reserve that is in charge of employing the mother's body in order to satisfy fetal grow the need of development, make mammary gland development wait.

However, the exudation of hormone measures grow in quantity to be able to bring about skin surface pigment ad cool-headed, "Cause trouble person " it is the coriaceous element inside pregnant woman body. Investigate its mechanism, it is as a result of the adrenal exudation after be pregnant function increases, cause coriaceous element subsequently grow in quantity, bring about skin surface to produce ministry of gravid grain knead dough to give birth to black brown then splash piece.

Good hair crowd:

The happening of gravid grain and constitution are concerned, every pregnant woman can have not likely gravid grain, and the serious degree of gravid grain also is met because of the person different.

Good hair place: Abdominal

Prevent plan:

* is far from sweetmeat and deepfry to taste: Want to avoid to shoot overmuch sweetmeat and deepfry thing during be pregnant, should absorb balanced nutrition, ameliorable cutaneous skin is qualitative, help the skin appear stretcher.

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