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Dream of pregnant woman embryo is adumbrative good " pregnant "

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 Fetal dream, are you believed?

Before a month, the dream goes to the Dai Min of newly-married beautiful and as lovely as little girl an amuse oneself, did not care about at that time, but did not pass a few days, she was pregnant certainly, then, encounter a person, she can be told remove oneself this " especially accurate " fetal dream...

What differ with Dai Min is, be pregnant the small precious of 3 months worries in the nightmare that becomes in the evening one of these day for oneself however, her dream arrives although the darling that is born is lovely, but left hand has 6 finger however, although family comforts small precious " this is a dream only " , dan Xiaozhen still worries very much, the baby that be shy with strangers gives is deformation...

A lot of pregnant woman had had fetal dream, although many people state that is a dream only, cannot take seriously, but also many people admit, clear dream gave him many psychological suggestions really, had had already also have bad.

The figure that the dream is like colleague is average, already common mysterious, already windy drag in reality. Because have to sealed thing,a kind of curiosity is mixed awe-stricken, be opposite so dream, a lot of people have a kind of feeling that says not clear path is unidentified.

   Expert: The dream is the expression of the desire

Henan is clever wisdom analysis of expert of psychology of administrative advisory limited company, the psychological activity of a kind of spontaneity that produces below the recognizant condition that the dream is person some phase, it is a kind of way that psychology of harmonious human body balances, have more apparent effect to the person's activity, mood and understanding activity especially. Normal dream activity, it is to make sure human body is normal one of main factors of vigor. Pregnant woman and its home person are accomplished with fetal the continuance that the dream that concern can be regarded is activity of some kind of psychology below Morpheus condition, state they want to reach some kind of desire, want the boy for instance or be the girl, hope child health is waited a moment. Do not see fetal dream too mysteriously, the content of superstition embryo dream is met instead bad to the psychological generation of pregnant woman influence. For instance false pregnant phenomenon, because cross minute of concern,be to worry about oneself overly that oneself cannot be pregnant namely, and make psychology produced an effect to physiology.

He Min of vice director of department of gynaecology and obstetrics of the hospital in Henan province says, day is thought of somewhat, night somewhat dream, the pregnant woman dream that has happiness longing arrives prospective darling is very regular job. But, some pregnant woman often affected Morpheus more because of daydreaming, by day spirit not beautiful, still become some of terrified, fearsome nightmare sometimes, mix to oneself fetal adverse.
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