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Cohabitation urgent radiation maternity dress Market introduction of industry

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In many electronic products come to dominate the era of people's lives, mothers are the electromagnetic radiation protection awareness greatly enhanced, pregnant women, infants and pregnant radiation protection services to become the industry's most popular products. But how to distinguish between radiation function and quality of service, most consumers have to just stay in the parrot stage. At present, no industry standard for radiation protection clothing pregnant women, but also a lack of efficacy of radiation maternity certification authority, domestic and foreign brands cohabitation, how to make moms feel at ease the moment the business trust is the most important issue. Babies each year to hundreds of billion yuan in market demand, the special conditions created in China during pregnancy and infant industry, the huge business opportunities, but also created a special group of consumers. Infants and pregnant but the lack of knowledge and experience strong demand, the culture, and service into the market, is pregnant and infant industry, the biggest selling point for the future. At the same time radiation suits demanding safety of products, must pay attention to product brands, publicity and corporate image building a strong competitive edge. Recently, the radiation protection services CQGC selected products of the "Chinese famous brand" Whispering High child, mom this is the second in October, and other domestic Qini after a big rise of the emerging new force. Confusion in the industry, lack of professional status of most enterprises, the high radiation maternity dress children assessed by the national department of professional recognition, can be described as radiation protection services to companies in the industry marked by Guo Zihao a shot in the arm, the award so that high children with other well-known radiation exposure suit wear brand with the industry to become a model for infants and pregnant. At present, the quality of radiation maternity dress is not an accurate test data standards to define, which makes service quality can not distinguish between radiation, resulting in consumer choice problems. We call on the development of relevant national and industry standards as soon as possible, regulate the market so that prospective mothers peace of mind to wear radiation protection suits.
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