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Pregnant woman of fashionable small mammy is installed

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Small mammy of brand name vogue
Product name pregnant woman is installed
Product introduction [brand introduction]
“Dress of pregnant woman of ” of fashionable small mammy, it is Guangzhou grand exceed the product below banner of clothing limited company. Registered 2006 establish limited company of dress of small mammy of Guangzhou city vogue, the promotion of dedicated home market and brand are built, guide brand-new brand CI concept, locate from the brand figure is made, increase the market to popularize strength, strengthen product quality to control, perfect after service system.

[Brand fixed position]
“ vogue small mammy (it is medium that FASHION MAMI) brand tells the customer that seek the middle class of good-paying level, the beautiful mother of angle vogue individual character. . Brand praise highly brief beauty creed, sweet, fashionable. We are dedicated the health at accurate mom and darling, blend in vogue, sweet design concept at the same time, to accurate mom more meticulous more considerate consideration and caress. Be worth luxuriant time they become new leading role in innovation of breakthrough tradition, angle. Become with each passing day firm the measure that they know balance career and life and manner, this self-confidence is outspread savour the … in pursuit to the life. ,
They are new females, become independent independently, individual character and perceptual. Career life is absolutely and remarkable.

[Brand concept]
Every“Product of ” of fashionable small mammy, include be in harmony is infinite love, fashionable at the same time still. Sweet design concept, help mammy spends lot of new student of this be pregnant with the most beautiful, the happiest life

[Products plan]
The engineer is in charge of the technology that each working procedure that ’ of ‘ vogue small mammy produces and flow have major check and managing. Ask on the choice of face, complementary makings need not of chlorine blanch a method, need not formaldehyde undertakes an aftertreatment, ensure face, complementary makings does not have any may harmful material, make dress of ’ of ‘ vogue small mammy accords with standard of international zoology textile completely.

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