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Appropriate dwell pregnant woman is installed

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Dwell of brand name appropriate
Product name pregnant woman is installed
Brand of ” of dwell of appropriate of product introduction “ lets life “ appropriate give birth to appropriate dwell ” .
Brand fixed position: In high-grade, brand of contracted, vogue, natural pregnant woman dress.
The brand appeals to beg: Build dream …… of mom.
Cause client: Pursuit savours the accurate mammy —— with life character to give priority to body with professional female.
Management concept: Dress up beauty, care health.
We pay attention to brand image, product quality is controlled strictly in each link. The company holds to “ to be the concept of this ” with the person, the research that has a batch of major, development, production and management team. Faculty make concerted effort, morale is exalted, elaborate since be being prepared oneself the pregnant woman things of major of research and development, establish preeminent sale group; The company builds good atmosphere hard, respect and urge each employee bold originality, build for judicious judgment of each gift of employee put to good use build platform, make employee and company collective develop, creation is brilliant tomorrow.

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