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Nova Mama pregnant woman is installed

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Brand name Nova Mama
Product name pregnant woman is installed
Product introduction NOVA MAMA comes from Spain, it is the brand of a second line with subordinate ROSMARI of group of outfit of pregnant woman of famous Spain vogue. ROSMARI group founds 1970, already had nearly 40 years of histories up to now, the company devotes oneself to the development that fashionable pregnant woman installs and research all the time since hold water, at present its banner falls to already had NOVA MAMA of brand of vogue of in a popular style, OH MA of high-end stylist brand! ! , Tomorrow MOM and 12 PRIVATE LABELS, its sale network pervades the whole world, distributing to wait for important mart of the city in Europe, United States, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Russia, very tall reputation is enjoyed in international.
Brand style: Vogue, elegant, comfortable, professional
Type: Fashionable pregnant woman is installed
Category: Skirt, pants, dress, shirt, T-shirt, sweater, coat, jacket, dust coat, radiation-proof take recreational outfit series -
Comfortable fabrics, recreational design, let your very relaxed mood, go to those who experience darling each days growing.
Sportswear series -
The dress of NOVA MAMA is in maintain while body is beautiful, formfitting, pay attention to more right fetal advantageous, be held with can be being held in the palm and protect darling, let you experience the joy that moves together with darling truly.
Professional clothing series -
The dress of this series is special for elaborate design of office worker mom, let come in and go out decently already as the accurate mom of professional female duty field, can wear again comfortable, take care of the health of darling.
Late banquet holds series -
The dress of late banquet series of elaborate design, will foil the grace that gives accurate mother is temperamental, attractive glamour. Making accurate mom and darling are become together is the focus in the evening party.

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