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The colour pregnant woman of pregnant is installed

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The colour of brand name pregnant
Product name pregnant woman is installed
The product introduces brand introduction
The colour ” of “ pregnant is brand of outfit of the first pregnant woman, locate at “ vogue the professional pregnant of individual character is installed”Her structure is whole, clarity of a general name for arteries and veins, design is rich, cent takes series, radiation-proof outfit series, antenatal to go out daily series of postpartum underwear things. The manner is concise and easy, coloring is bold, it is besides the traditional trait that retains pregnant woman outfit and advantage, the tide of fashionable dress of international of colour ” follow closely of “ pregnant, the popular element of bold derive female outfit, the perception that fashionable dress changes makes a person find everything new and fresh, the pregnant flavour that lets accurate mom blossoms between dress without involuntary discharge of urine. Depend on good product, pure and fresh brand image and genuine service, a few years short, win outstanding outstanding achievement and good public praise in the industry.

Brand story / culture
“ romance is rural ” series:
Diffusing the female's peculiar illusion and fragrance, beautiful colorific is irregular combination, be pair of nature is brand-new unscramble, comfortable and comfortable modelling and delicate bud silk, lacy adornment brings the cheerful mood below sunshine, as if get drunk in pleasant rural time, enjoy strong fragrance the romance that be full of lives.
Series of ” of “ elegant city:
The footstep of rein in city, experience each cheerful detail, be in flourishing city to also can enjoy quiet time personally. The design with low-key elegant and classical black, white, red combination, spell able and do not break easy cut out, independent, self-confident, elegant and free and easy temperamental have words.
Series of ” of motion of “ freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting:
The element of street, athletic temperament, dancing person profusion colour, be able to apply in comfortable and easy dress cut out, interweave a vigor 4 shoot, ebullient picture scroll, model the relaxed and satisfied spirit space in giving city.

Brand fixed position
State of mind is young the accurate mom that pursues style.
She, taking what just be pregnant is bashful, be full of vivid to prospective new student longing
She, those who have city couple person is intellectual with intelligent, ask the life has certain quality to feel
She, enjoy concise and smooth design style, be used to chasing after the metre that follows fashionable trend

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