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Ding Hai year account of Hainan common people this series 3: Birth cost is highe

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According to Hainan daily report, to Chen Lili and her husband, the greatest 2007 pleasure is the birth of darling, but mention the process of unripe child and pay, young husband and wife two faces are helpless. Perhaps " painful happy move " , it is the best annotate of this process that experiences to them.

Compare with photograph of other brothers and sisters, chen Lili is happy undoubtedly, she has a man that does building materials business, lunar income 3000 yuan of above, during the job, oneself lunar income also has 2000 multivariate. During be pregnant, although did not have income, li Li also need not worry about the expenditure of nourishment and medical expenses, the husband is returned from be admitted to hospital rise to squeeze time to accompany everyday protect the left and right sides, to her the biggest psychology is comforted.

The child's birth is made the same score to this family added a lot of joy, but fine this Zhang that calculates unripe child, economic pressure of the family is not little also.

Last year Feburary, chen Lili began to be full of the course of happiness and hardships. It is the gravid reaction with severe body above all, afterwards goes to a hospital countless times doing routine to check however. Considering nearby and the reliance to army hospital, lili chose to be located in south Long Kun 187 hospitals regard the liberation army of the road as the hospital deciding a dot that produces check and childbirth.

According to the doctor's proposal, li Li did comprehensive department of gynaecology to check before be pregnant, charge is in 300 multivariate. During be pregnant, li Li did each more than 10 times to produce check regularly again, and 4 times B exceeds, chen Lili sheet was achieved in the expenditure that produces check to go up this 1000 multivariate.

For can breed goes a healthy and clever baby, li Li family can not spend idea less. Fetal drug folic acid is protected besides convention during be pregnant piece beyond, even compensatory all sorts of microelement and calcium tablet, a large number of fruits and milk powder of pregnant woman nutrition also are must. Occupy Li Li to calculate, be pregnant during waiting for birth, everyday the expense of these respects achieved sheet 50 yuan or so, if calculate,go up " 3 days fill greatly, two days one small fill " dietary expenses, be about to achieve 70 yuan - 80 yuan. Come so, from be pregnant 3 months arrive in the 8 months time of childbirth early days, this expenditure achieved about 15000 yuan or so unexpectedly.

Undertake to darling inchoate education already became a kind of fashion in young couple. A book and smooth dish also are accurate parents related prenatal education must expenditure. Li Li says: "Social competition is so intense now, but cannot let darling be defeated to go up in start, beautiful again much money also is should ah. " data of the book that Li Lifu Fu bought nearly 300 yuan, smooth dish, insist to have prenatal education to darling everyday.
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