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Pregnant woman defends take completely cannot radiation-proof

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Pregnant woman health care

30 days afternoon, two women sell in government office city radiation-proof pregnant woman defends take. In bazaar hundreds yuan defend take, here sells 55 yuan only. After consumer is bought, discovery did not produce the label such as lot number and factory name, the site of factory on dress plate with trademark. Receive after informing against, big talk is industrial and commercial drive the spot to the examination, the result spreads out advocate receive booth to go person. To this, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry reminds, ground booth sells defend taking is typical " 3 without " product, do not want to buy. In addition, consumer is not credulous also defend the conduct propaganda that take, at present the country still does not have this kind of specialized standard, complete " radiation-proof " unlikely.

As we have learned, on August 30 afternoon 4 when, citizen Ms. Zou is mirrorred, sell in roadside stall somebody defend take, no matter size, every all 55 yuan. Ms. Zou bought, after coming back, discovery is " 3 without " product, go back return money, but refuse.

On August 31, the reporter comes to terminal market of triumphant sanded dress and investigation of and other places of square of Hai Xiulu bright phearl all the way, discover radiation-proof pregnant woman is installed (defend take) have 5 about, 6 breed, market product value and small shop and difference of wholesale shop price are very big, in small shop of partial market edge, still have " 3 without " product.

On terminal market of triumphant sanded dress, defend take trade price case from 60 differ to about a hundred yuan. Booth advocate people all say to be able to prevent the electromagnetism radiate such as computer, mobile phone.

Province quality is supervised examine place expresses about the expert, should accomplish truly complete screen radiate unlikely.

The reporter understands from bureau of environmental protection of big talk city, at present our country has not come on stage about radiation-proof specialized standard. Big talk is industrial and commercial also express with qualitative inspect branch, end at present, big talk never has made be mixinged about special inspection detect.

Industrial and commercial concerned personage expresses big talk, defend take the meeting is right electromagnetic wave undertakes disturbing all round pregnant woman, but not be to defend completely. Pregnant woman health care