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Pregnant Mom protects body a magic weapon: Radiation-proof take

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Dear pregnant mammy, those who feel darling to be in 妳 abdomen one day one day is grown, can make 妳 special feel warmth and happiness, right now 妳 can eat certainly most nutrient food, let darling absorb full nutrition, listen to have temperamental music most, let darling accept edification to become more clever, nevertheless, the movement of darling of the directest protection still has a bit 妳 never in order to let off, that is appropriate applies electromagnetic wave to defend the garment and pregnant woman hold bellyband in the palm to protect the body of 妳 to also protect darling!

   Pregnant woman defends the value of electromagnetic wave

Already many medicine consider to show long-term contact electromagnetic wave, may produce major effect to the body, to average person character, free radical and acidification are opposite the oxygen that the radiation that electromagnetic wave produces can make body generation many for pregnant mammy, in the hour of oosperm firm germinate, cell, gene, protein the duplicate process that wait the drag in flow to electric current, osculatory electromagnetic wave will cause the following effect:

1. Embryo sends the initial stage of Yo, expose may cause abnormal segmentation in electromagnetic wave, produce the phenomenon with duplicate and wrong gene even.

2. Electromagnetic wave can change calcic ion to carry the rate of cellular film, change the protein inside the cell then.

3. The fetal physiology in causing growth is unusual, block up cell splits up.

By above when knowable, compare with other person photograph, electromagnetic wave is the hugest to the influence of pregnant woman and cheeper. Pregnant mammy people, this is not in gally 妳 , but really a lot of females had faced up to the electromagnetic wave influence to human body before be pregnant, learn then defend, 妳 is in be pregnant with a little life, should pay close attention to the influence of electromagnetic wave more. Want 妳 people leaving the environment that is full of electromagnetic wave completely is impossible thing, and the optimal a magic weapon protecting a body that dress electromagnetic wave defends the garment is 妳 and darling.

, make immune function of the person drops, come down for a long time to may cause cancer; Cause senile and gawkish disease, arthritis, heart disease, head easily also apoplectic wait for a disease