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Radiation-proof pregnant woman installs cloth

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Main product reachs productivity: Antistatic fabric, prevent microwave radiate fabric, acid alkali resistant fabric, flame retardant knit
Fabric of content, fragrant black silk ribbon, basalt fabric, Gao Ke inspects sexual safety to take, the colliery defends take fabric, special alarm use muti_function fabric, prevent electric arc to take, high-powered prevent electromagnetism radiate pregnant woman outfit, antistatic knitting underwear, flame retardant knitting underwear, antistatic socks, flame retardant socks, screen.
Year manufacturing function fabrics 3.8 million meters, year manufacturing function sex defends take 50 thousand. The product supplies: Work of oil, chemical industry, fire, electron, mine and our country satellite blast off, date of divine boat 1-6 of the staff member antistatic, prevent fabrics of electromagnetism radiation protection and special type unit antistatic fight take.