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Pregnant woman outfit

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Although development of market of pregnant woman costume is finite, but product from do not have have, from silk qualitative skirt holds bull-puncher series, the design is more and more fashionable also change. Among them, most those who suffer praise highly is radiation-proof pregnant woman is taken.
As we have learned, outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman can divide kind: Radiation-proof pregnant woman installs products of data of blending of the outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman of film, tinsel and " fiber is silver-gilt " radiation-proof take. Hit " prevent spoke " the pregnant woman outfit of label is more expensive than price of outfit of average pregnant woman two 3 times, the price from 200 multivariate differ to on 1000 yuan.
Go to work in the foreign enterprise five the young lady should use computer every day, before be pregnant, she already learned through the network a lot of about protecting the knowledge of fetal health.
She tells " Chinese contemporary company signs up for " : "When just was pregnant, bought a Shanghai to add sweet radiation-proof pregnant woman to take. At that time marking a price is 400 multivariate. Because be the long pregnant woman of vest type,take, wintry summer can be worn; Because add sweet it is brand manufacturer, also believe outfit of this pregnant woman can be radiation-proof so. Also believe outfit of this pregnant woman can be radiation-proof so..
According to five young lady introduction, when proving whether outfit of this pregnant woman has radiation-proof effect, the salesperson uses her mobile phone dress severe tight to be wrapped on the spot, reoccupy machine dial. As expected, the mobile phone does not have echo. "Mobile phone signal is proved to be able to prevent radiation by screen. " this salesperson still tells her, this dress prevents mobile phone radiate besides can effective ground, still can hold back come from computer, microwave oven, cleaner to wait emit the electromagnetic wave that come out.
The expert expresses, such appraisal is unscientific. Radiation includes radiate of ray of nuclear radiation, X, electromagnetism radiate to wait, radiate of mobile phone electromagnetism is one of a lot of radiate only. That is to say, signal of radiate of screen mobile phone can not be equal at radiation-proof. If pregnant woman wants to keep apart electromagnetism radiate, best method is far from radiation source namely.
Those who make a person awkward is, although radiation-proof pregnant woman installs full of beautiful things in eyes, but our country has not publish uniform occupation standard. "October mammy " already combined Shanghai textile academy to wait, make jointly radiation-proof the occupation standard that takes attestation, had completed concerned survey work at present, strive to rise its finally to national level.