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Accurate mom is pregnant to also want to chase after modern outfit of new fund p

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Grab darling of unripe Olympic Games to cause consumptive upsurge, the shop customer that of all kinds management pregnant woman holds is filled with the door, especially the pregnant woman outfit of novel vogue is spruce all the more this year annul.

Yesterday, the outfit of a pregnant woman around downtown maternity saw lively and extraordinary one act in brand shop. The shop is in an office building, although not be appearance inn but still the client is filled with the door. So this is inn of substance of a network, attracted many love to clean out the accurate mom of goods through the network. An accurate mom that is waiting to try trousers says: "The dress design here is newer, I contrasted a long time on the net, do not want to wear the sort of traditional braces pants, will buy a jeans that holds an abdomen in the palm, good distribute the clothes. Good distribute the clothes..

Same, in red bridge area in brand shop of baby of mammy of a large community, the outfit of fashionable pregnant woman of full of beautiful things in eyes attracted the accurate mom in a lot of community, often also come round even a few clients that live further patronage. "When pregnant woman is pregnant previously not very dresses up, the dress also does not buy a few, some dresses that wear husband even calculated. Now but different, in inn the old style previously sells basically now did not move, everybody wants design novel, material has pledged. " the merchant that sells pregnant woman outfit introduces to the reporter, "Shoulder of common before corduroy braces pants, big bank has not followed to go up tide, present pregnant woman installs or to jump over comfortable hypertrophy to had been jumped over namely, or is jumped over namely ' highlight ' more welcome. Or is jumped over namely ' highlight ' more welcome..

As we have learned, the pregnant woman of brand shop of outfit of this city pregnant woman and bazaar installs design of monopolistic area dress to be abounded quite this year, those who have all sorts of pattern is radiation-proof take, the outfit of pregnant woman underwear, skirt, fashionable dress that hold an abdomen in the palm, the price is in commonly 100 yuan of above, achieve on 1000 yuan expensively. The sell member of monopolistic area says a market: "The pregnant woman outfit of fashionable dress money is patronage of 25 years old of young accurate mother that arrive 30 years old more, especially the radiation-proof material of all sorts of design pledges pregnant woman is installed, sell well all the more this year. Sell well all the more this year..