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Pregnant woman is radiation-proof take how much can prevent

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Nowadays, nowhere is not in the communication tool such as mobile phone, computer, TV and electric home appliances

Nature of astute manufacturer, businessman won't let off a godsend chance easily, hit in succession " radiation-proof " card, develop various radiation-proof products ceaselessly. The earliest prevent computer radiate glasses to need not say, nowadays is radiation-proof the arrester of radiate of pregnant woman outfit, electromagnetism product that making radiation-proof banner, also begin to flooding the market, publicize even cosmetic even rose " radiation-proof " function. Be in brand shop of some Fu baby things, dress of radiation-proof pregnant woman not only the brand is numerous, and the style is very all ready also, the have everything that one expects to find such as bag of garment skirt, abdomen, apron, waists-coat.

Of course, all these radiation-proof products, be returned to be by manufacturer, businessman without an other place " high-tech product " , claim absolutely and effective. The reporter was visited breathe out brand shop of dress of many pregnant woman inside city town, discover store of many pregnant woman clothing rolled out radiation-proof series, and put the prominent place in bar, condole takes the bag of vest, abdomen, upper outer garment that do not have sleeve. One kind is accept rice material allegedly those who make is radiation-proof take, although thin be like cicada's wings, however price does not poor, an abdomen moves round 400 multivariate. Compare with photograph of 229 yuan dress of average pregnant woman, the price that radiation-proof pregnant woman holds wants tower above generally two 3 times, some is in even 1000 yuan of above.

"Such pregnant woman is radiation-proof took radiation-proof rate to achieve 99 % . " a salesperson in the brand shop of things of baby of a Fu around hospital of health care of Inner Mongolia women and children tells a reporter, "Computer, mobile phone, microwave oven waits daily home appliance a moment to have radiation to human body, when be pregnant best can wear radiation-proof pregnant woman outfit all the time, can produce an effect to the child otherwise. Can produce an effect to the child otherwise..

For the effectiveness that radiation-proof pregnant woman installs test and verify, the salesperson lets a reporter lap the mobile phone in outfit of a radiation-proof pregnant woman, after half minutes, she lets a reporter dial a mobile telephone, the sound in stethoscope hints the mobile phone is not serving an area. "The signal of the mobile phone was held off by dress block, " the salesperson says, subsequently journalist fellow took out the C net mobile phone that he uses to let a salesperson check, the reporter inside 20 minutes dialed a mobile telephone 5 times, it is normal to be communicated from beginning to end in the mobile phone inside outfit of radiation-proof pregnant woman by the bag, see such case, this salesperson corrects oneself immediately say: Although the dress cannot hold off signal completely, also can make signal abate many, this should depend on the fabrics of the dress.
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