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Heat of Dalian baby things sells a baby boom year urge heat " mom economy "

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More and more " pig darling " be born in succession, while infantile things heat sells, also make with " mom " people concerned product gradually " fire " rise. Business circles personage had an Orphean name gladly to this kind of phenomenon -- , " mom economy " .

The pregnant woman things in bazaar is monopolistic area, the reporter discovers nowadays the design of pregnant woman dress is drab no longer " braces pants " , and more incline to fashionable dress is changed, the price is in hundreds of yuan consummate 1000 yuan differ. The pregnant woman outfit that has radiation-proof function among them accepts favour all the more, the value is relative also taller. An operator of brand shop of pregnant woman outfit tells a reporter, she sells pregnant woman to install already several years, before some year, pregnant woman buys the dress to take no account of design basically, should wear comfortably only go. Can differ now, a lot of pregnant woman should choose the dress with original design, qualitative to material demand is very high also, many pregnant woman want to buy even " after giving birth to a child, still can wear " the dress.

"Holding out abdomen to take photo " -- , pregnant woman is illuminated also begin popularity. Ms. Zhang is pregnant nearly 7 months, had made an appointment in atelier of a photography pat pregnant woman to illuminate. She tells a reporter, be pregnant is one of the most important things in female lifetime, think the record leaves this hour so. As we have learned, nearly one period, the accurate mother that shoots pregnant woman to illuminate to each photography atelier is apparent grow in quantity, it is to think an accept as a souvenir.

A lot of mother worry for the figure after producing next baby, center of a few fitness seized this one business chance, wait for element formulate according to state of female postpartum body special athletic plan, body of the model after rolling out pregnant moves, get the welcome of many young mother. Besides training of much person collective, still many young mother asked private coach.

The expert thinks, nearly two years of parenting person, it is to go up more 70 time later period goes to the century the youth that 80 time initial stage is born, they have very high demand to life quality, natural meeting drives a few fashionable consumption. Current, market of things of pregnant woman baby still is in start level, still have certain development space.