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The most popular sex of 6 big functions is arranged forecast

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From the point of the new gain that showed on fabrics of China International spin and complementary makings exposition last year and newest trends, spin fabrics was highlighted " zoology, vogue, comfortable, health and functional sex " , the development of next generation textile weighs name a person for a particular job from pay attention to " design, colour, vogue " change direction gradually " affable human body, can wear model cosmetic, can wear model medical treatment is tasted " the concept comes up. Fabrics of functional sex clothing will make human body " the 2nd skin " , conduce to the refreshment of function of skin of stimulative human body. Sex of 6 kinds of big functions will be the mainstream.
Comfortable sex values an index: ☆ of ★ of ★ ★ ★
Basically include to breathe freely, fully wet, lightsome Hua Shuang, antistatic, close water, moisture absorption is wash-and-wear, automatic a few respects such as temperature adjustment. This kind of function basically is to be aimed at chemical fibber product. Have moisture absorption the fabrics of wash-and-wear function has been used at manufacturing kit, henceforth, these products will be applied at more extensive field. Function of automatic temperature adjustment basically is join certain material through be in fiber, when external temperature changes, these corporeal generation change, make the environment produces the change of 2 ℃ of 1 ~ between human body and dress thereby. Current, japan is more to the research of this one technology, home still is belonged to start level.
Wholesome sex values an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★
Basically include to fight the function such as bacterium deodorization. Current, japan to this on one hand research is more, undertook study to hand-me-down all the time from fiber. Relevant technology basically applies at the manufacturing treatment of underwear, sock, from the point of current development condition, the applied limits of the crop of this kind of product, relevant technology also will expand gradually.
Defend the gender values an index: ★ of ★ ★ ★
Basically include anti-flammability, fight ultraviolet, radiation-proof etc. Standard of living rises gradually, people also has to the quality of domesticity, safe requirement very big rise. The anti-flammability dry goods that must use in the place such as guesthouse before is being applied at the family, for instance curtain. Fight ultraviolet and more ground to suffer place of market of the Southern Hemisphere to favor, the dweller of the Southern Hemisphere bears than the Northern Hemisphere the illuminate of more ultraviolet ray, the proportion of skin cancer is higher than the Northern Hemisphere also, although the people ten years ago begins to use,prevent bask in the product such as frost, but no matter be the Southern Hemisphere or the Northern Hemisphere, need further from move the enroach on that mount reduces ultraviolet ray. Additional, a lot of electron products also can generate the electromagnetic wave of different wavelengh and frequency in use process, and the harm that the pulse radiate of electromagnetic wave can cause human body function. Research and development prevent fabric of screen of electromagnetic wave radiate, no matter be in aerospace, military affairs domain or civil domain have perspective of wide market and application, product of spin of development function sex has higher additional cost, bigger economic benefits point of growth. The coverall of personnel of pregnant woman outfit, certain industry, even the common dress of the clerk also should have radiation-proof function.
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