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Hui Bao HUIBAO online shopping mall on the line kick off the Chinese Maternity i

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The success of Alibaba, so deeply rooted in the Chinese e-commerce concept, and then launched Taobao and Alipay, which greatly changed the habits of Chinese consumers. Dangdang, excellence, Jingdong Mall, where customers and other B2C sites Eslite is the vertical e-commerce development in China has made outstanding contributions to exploration. However, traditional retailers have repeated setbacks into e-commerce, online sales have been low-cost, low price, convenient and be pro-consumer gaze, the traditional on-line retail business is bound to seriously affect the product line sales. There are some traditional retailers have successfully entered the e-commerce cases, such as Carolina built network of independent brand LOVO, the development of e-commerce; Haier settled Taobao Mall, when it is developed specifically for a variety of marketable products. However, these successful cases are not suitable for maternity industry, China Maternity long in the "big belt" era, until the 90s of last century before independence from the garment industry, and gradually introduce the concept of fashion, after ten years of development, has been basically mature. Its characteristics are shaping the industry late, low market prices, product profitability is low, narrow consumer market, channel uniformity, founder of the network brand or a separate independent design of the traditional retail products is bound to bring much more pressure, the most important not to take advantage of line network to promote the development of the brand. As the first maternity benefits companies Celebrex, its fourteen year history is a microcosm of China's industrial development Maternity, the brand has been down to earth way. Laid in the traditional marketing model for marketing the brand in the industry case, how the brand line transplanted to the field of electronic commerce virtual Internet, how to use the Internet to find a reasonable balance between online and offline points, to create a broader market will be benefits, such as Celebrex HUIBAO industry leading brands including a number of challenges to be faced. Feng Hui Bao by CBO for the words "Chinese e-commerce has matured, its sustained and healthy development is no longer rely on low price to win, the future of e-commerce development, brand is the key to success," Indeed, as e-commerce market in China specification, blindly relying on cheap will only lead to confusion in the market, but also seriously affect the healthy development of the market line, and promote low-cost e-commerce development strategy in China is no longer suitable for sustainable and healthy development of e-commerce, e-commerce development, from the initial focus on the price of C2C mode is gradually tend to focus on brand B2C model, it is easy to see the future competition in the field of e-commerce, more and more competition will be the brand power! Hui Bao Maternity Fashion Mall is the largest in the current environment of e-commerce launch, with the benefits under the Celebrex brand strength of the line, adhering to the "health, technology, fashion" design concept, effort to build intellectual, elegant, quality, self-confident city white-collar image, with high quality products, high standards of service in the online implementation of its "high-end Maternity brand" of the road, to create more suitable for Mommy's shopping experience. Meanwhile, Hui Bao as the originator of the Chinese Maternity its exploration in the area of electronic commerce, it will open the Chinese e-commerce industry, the development of maternity and innovation.