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Brazilian agriculture will be pounded by American economic depression

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Zhou Er, brazilian agriculture economy learns (IEA) claim, brazilian agriculture will get the concussion of American economic depression.

American home spending falls to bring about agriculture possibly point-blank exit is superfluous, and superfluous produce may be digested by the developing country, for example India and China, american economy will benefit from which.

IEA researcher Jose Goncalves says, a lot of Brazil farmers are deciding to grow a plan, financial crisis may be brought about 2008 - 9 years cultivate an area to decrease.

Brazilian farmer complains chemical fertilizer price is too high all the time, and produce price is too low, a lot of people decide to decrease cultivate an area to perhaps reduce chemical fertilizer dosage.

Brazil is world the biggest sugar and coffee production country, it is the 2nd big soja of world produces a country, it is the world the 5th big cotton produces a country. (Offer sketch: Chh- atelier)