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Lai Yin breaths out cotton trader Paul to be sought especially go bankrupt prote

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Zhou San, lai Yin breaths out Paul of trader of a of the United States big cotton to be sought especially go bankrupt protection, the reason is the loss is sufferred in option market.

The Paul that is located in heart city bilks mattress Hart the company is regarded as a whole world the biggest distributors of organic cotton, it is trader of the 4th big cotton, end the financial year June 30, company year sale is 580 million dollar.

But, company report is indebted 1, 000, 001 dollars - between 500 million dollar, the company refers the capital fund of debt and coequal amount the United States goes bankrupt court.

Personage of company know the inside story says, ICE United States period hand in price of place period cotton to be at the beginning of March develop peak, bail is increased, and Lai Yin breaths out especially faint finance, bail of complement of turn over to the higher authorities.

End will be mixed in Feburary at the beginning of March, as a result of much congenial action, ICE cotton futures considerably queasy, bring about option market controller - commodity futures trades commission launchs investigation. ICE expanded to trade go up drop limitative area, raised the earnest money of turbulent period. A lot of commerce are hypostatic, be like Hart bilking mattress, because bail rises, the nominal that is forced to counter-purchase them is right strong.

On March 3, period cotton will close at 95.53 cent in December, but on September 15, the price falls to 62.13 cent.

The company submits judicial file to say, although be during this Hart bilking mattress is successful and evasive break down thoroughly, but it sufferred huge loss however, restore completely feebly. Company reputation is damaged, was forced to be immersed in debt to repay in April 2008 period exhibition period.

Judicial document points out, hart bilking mattress obtains the quoted price of a competitor, be willing to buy very big one share capital, plan to assume all period cotton buy obligation, but credit side rejects to agree with this agreement.

According to judicial document, hart bilking mattress the company is American Paul Lai Yin wholy-owned company of Hart, it is Swiss company Paul the wholy-owned subordinate company of Hart bilking mattress, be regarded as one of the world's biggest cotton business.

Company highest creditor includes CoMark company, heaton cotton company, company of Caney Valley cotton, and a few cotton process trade.

Attorney office Munsch Hardt Kopf&Harr is going bankrupt on behalf of Lai Yin Hart implements procedures in the program. (Cao Hai Gong offers sketch)

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