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Because purchase trader of cotton of Burmese dress England to face boycott actio

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England boycotts Burmese organization to appeal cotton trader stops to purchase Burmese dress, otherwise, this company may is faced with on October 15 (Zhou San) initiated boycott acts.

Clothing outlet is the income source with Burmese and cruel martial dictatorship main political power. Burmese trade labour union appeals the company does not purchase Burmese dress, because take outfit outlet,offer funds for autocracy.

The United States prohibited importing Burmese dress 2003, have policy of shape one's course of shopkeeper of dress of many 130 high market, do not purchase Burmese dress.

A proponent discovers, from cotton trader the product that purchases in 2008 catalog has " Burmese make " brand, after this, england boycotts Burmese organization and cotton merchant firm to undertake osculatory.

Burmese (Myanmar) it is dictatorship of Burmese military affairs forces Burmese (Burma) name. Boycott actor people already affirmatory, there are two kinds of products to be being hanged at least in the clothing that cotton trader sells " Burmese make " brand.

England boycotts Burmese action to organize official Chatterton to say, from Burmese purchase dress to will be bankroll of dictatorship of Burmese military affairs, this government plunder, mistreat, murder and suppress native people.

If the consumer of cotton trader hears this company and cruel dictatorship contact word, consumer people will feel astonish.

Burmese government prohibits establishing labour union, lack health and safe law at the same time, the wage of the factory is hourly under 5p. Worker of a factory works 60 hours every week, make 3 pound only. (Offer sketch: Chh - atelier)

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