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Greek president visits Vietnam to aim to strengthen bilateral trade

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Greek president Mr Karolos Papoulias is having a visit in Vietnam. Regard the part of the visit as scheduling, he attended the commercial forum that mission of two countries trade holds. This forum will is Greek develop infuse energy with the commerce between Vietnam and commerce.

When forum makes a speech, mr Doukas of Greek deputy minister of foreign affairs says, greek with the bilateral trade of Vietnam development has a lot of auspicious collaboration fields, include textile and dress.

As east alliance member, vietnam can enter the world as Greek entrepreneur the portal of the biggest market, alliance market has 600 million population east.

Vietnam is versed in trade undersecretary Le Danh Vinh says, two countries economy is OK and complementary, greek likelihood becomes a of Vietnam partner that has latent capacity.

This year June, vietnam president visit is Greek.

2007, the bilateral trade between two countries is 90 million dollar, among them Vietnam exports 82 million dollar, include the textile of Vietnam, dress and shoe. (Offer sketch: Chh - atelier)

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