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Shoe of bright famous brand sells American cloth drop 7.3 %

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Shoe company announces Braun, end inside 5 weeks of time till October 4, the sale is the same as inn of branch of shoe of company famous brand reduces 7.3 % , sell with inn to 3 quarters till relatively on year the corresponding period reduces 4.8 % .

Accordingly, the company anticipates at present, 3 quarters clean sale was in 2008 100 million dollars of 6.33-6.38, under photograph comparing, go up sale of year of the corresponding period 646 million dollar. The sale is the same as inn of departments of 3 shoe of quarterly famous brand reduces 4.5-5.5 % .

In addition, the company anticipates, door sale anticipates 3 quarters wholesale department reduce 4.0-5.0 % . The company anticipates now, 3 quarters spread out mean net income is 0.17-0.20 dollar every. Under photograph comparing, go up year of the corresponding period for 0.61 dollars. (Offer sketch: Chh- atelier)

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