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Economy is turbulent bring about Burmese dress to export acute to decrease

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Global economy is turbulent begin to export generation to affect to a lot of countries. Because order decreases considerably, the fast growth that experiences before a few years already became the history, accordingly, enterprise and company will experience a downturn.

Burmese it is to get one of countries of economic crisis percussive. Global economy crisis has disappeared to turn, new order decreases, burmese and essential garment industry is pounded, begin to close down.

Mr of chairman of association of Burmese clothing industry. Myint Soe says, new order decreases, situation will be more grim in December. Of garment industry live rely on international order. Order reduces a likelihood to bring about the enterprise closes down and cut down the member of persons employed.

He says, after the United States implemented sanction 2003, textile industry experienced a paragraph of downturn, but after two years, the European Union limits Chinese import, burmese garment industry anabiosises together as southeast Asia country.

Some earlier this year moment, in September 2007 as a result of the government blow is turned over - the government acts, south Africa is the biggest order of dress shopkeeper cancel, burmese garment industry goes backwards again.

The Burmese clothing outlet of 30 % is defeated by past Japan, the exit of additionally 30 % is defeated by past European Union, the rest exit loses the country toward latin america, Africa and other country.

2007-08 money year, burmese clothing outlet reachs 282 million dollar. (Offer sketch: Chh - atelier)

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