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Shaw of American carpet business shuts Telundu factory

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American Shaw industrial group will be shut be located in California spun yarn factory of Telundu, main reason is certain ground enclothes the market demand of the product to decrease. This factory general is produced at perhaps will stopping the 3rd week the 2nd week in November, shut a factory to will affect 440 employee.

Say according to be in charge of management vice-president Hal Long, segment of company certain production is produced can superfluous. Estate market big range is low fan, range of client demand wave motion is very big, produce move phenomenon even. The market demand preference of consumer produces change, the company must comply with new consumptive trend, reduce the production that demand acute reduction of output tastes.

But the company will find a place for the employee that closes a plant to other post. Entrepreneur of Shaw general area people hold obtain employment meeting, the employee that affects to be shut by the factory creates opportunity of more obtain employment.

Shaw industrial group belongs to the subordinate company of Berkshire Hathaway company, it is the world's biggest carpet production company, it is the floor enclothes product supplier to get the person that run mediumly, year sale exceeds 5 billion dollar. (Offer sketch: Chh- atelier)

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