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Chinese enterprise signs 40 to purchase Indian product forgive memorandum

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China to balance India - the favorable balance of trade in Chinese commerce unbalance, adopted mix quickly strong step. Chinese large state-owend enterprise and illicit look forward to and Indian company signed 40 to forgive memorandum in Xin Deli, the plan purchases value from India the product of 390 million dollar, include product of polyethylene, polypropylene, sea, aluminous, manganese, cotton, chromium and castor oil, etc.

Indian respect and Chinese enterprise sign the business that understands memorandum to have trustful and industrial company (Reliance Industries Ltd. , ) Sterlite industrial company, ranbaxy company, adari Wimar company, BALCO company, company of Bharat mining industry and TT company.

Chinese respect attends signing ceremony Gao Hu of undersecretary of Chinese Department of Commerce is become, indian respect has Dinesh Sharma of minister of banquet of couplet of Department of Commerce.

2007 - 8 years, the bilateral trading business volume between two countries is 38 billion dollar, india exports 11 billion dollar, import 27 billion dollar from China, among them, iron ore exit occupies 50 % .

Mr. Sharma says, sign today forgive memorandum to will strengthen India - the business relation between China, promote commerce communication further, solve commerce unbalance problem, make commerce basket more diversity, commerce domain is more vast. (Offer sketch: Chh - atelier)

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