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Greek cotton market maintains Morpheus position

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Greek cotton market does not have the near future basically activity. Security market / commodity market steeps fall, the worry to economic depression restricts people to trade newly. Pily treatment business is awaiting wait-and-see, seek opportunity of pily sound foundation, the sale that just decides them next is politic.

On the other hand, buy the home to await the market to drop potentially, they are not eager to eating into, the cotton that unless be badly in need of,uses. Accordingly, turkey and Egypt spinning factory are in confidence of Greek market collect, search low, but the market does not have new sale almost.

Respect of pily the way corp is growing, weather of this a week is helpful for collecting a flower. The cotton grower in cotton field is collecting a flower, and pluck the cotton that come down sends cotton the processing factory, the price is waited for calm. So called " after rain " pily breed chroma depends on grow an area, branch is mixed in HVI 41 51 between.

Greek cotton breed (fiber 1 3/32'' - 1 1/8'' , intensity 28 GPT, mark grand is worth 3.9-4.7 NCL) other character is normal.

Precipitation affects pily crop not badly last week. Say according to the personage inside individual line of business, total lint output will be achieved 250, 000 tons, among them 50, 000 tons are digested in home. Of course, need remembers the inventory last year about 40, 000 tons, already carry forward is entered this year.

The newest market value of fine stock is in 63 - 63.5 minutes / pound, BOT. (Offer sketch: Chh- atelier)

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