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Pakistan trade deficit expands quickly

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Pakistan faces very grim finance insecurity situation, month by month of unfavorable balance of trade is increased. The newest official number of squares that releases according to confederative statistic bureau is occupied, pakistan 2008 - 09 money year unfavorable balance of trade starts 5.54 billion dollar first quarter new tall.

On one hand, pakistan 2008 - exit health grows 19.19 % 9 years first quarter, to 5.26 billion dollar, on prep above year the 4.42 billion dollar that is the same as a quarter.

On the other hand, the import rises 34.29 % , to ten billion eight hundred and eighteen million dollar, under photograph comparing, go up entrance of year of the corresponding period 8.056 billion dollar. Only September, unfavorable balance of trade grows 62.12 % , to 2.02 billion dollar, under photograph comparing, go up year of the corresponding period for 1.25 billion dollar.

Governmental target is export increases 16 % , reach 21.1 billion dollar, and the entrance predicts to reach 37.19 billion dollar. The government ever planned to reach depress of entrance increase rate 6.5 % , but 5 times what actual entrance is close to a plan.

The expert says, pakistan achieves the export goal this year very hard, because economy is turbulent,will affect western country for a long time.

In addition, nearly a few months Pakistan money devalues considerably to the dollar, pakistan finished product rises in the price of the international market, but entrance price is lower, this will encourage Pakistan to enlarge an entrance.

Before a few months, the government once fulfilled capital of research and development to give aid to to textile industry acceptance policy, but arrive at present the position still end in smoke. In addition, bail of LC of consign of exporter of Central Bank requirement, public enterprise price rises, if report is amiable, these elements cause lasting effect to spin enterprise, and spin product is the product with the oldest rate is contributed in Pakistan exit basket up to now.

The expert suggests the government takes action instantly, find lasting solution, otherwise, the unfavorable balance of trade of Pakistan will be larger and larger. (Offer sketch: Chh- atelier)

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